Thursday, December 29, 2016

End of the year.....2016

This is my last blog post of the year…
2016 has had its up and downs..

We had great joy, of the return from Hawaii.
Our grandson, who went there 5 years ago.
And he brought with him, his girlfriend, who
we all have come to love as much as we love him.
Then in July, they added another joy, a little boy.
who is the apple of their  families eye..

With this year, also comes sadness. With the
lost of the King’s friend of 40+ years.  And
3 months of 10 days at a time.. helping his
family take care of his business.

Also the lost of a blog friend of mine. Who I
greatly admire. A woman who spoke her
mind, loved animals, and the Democratic
Party.  I never got to meet her, but love
hearing from her.  And reading her blog
when she was active.  So long, Lorraine

And good bye to another Lorraine,
who I worked with for 10 years. 

Laced thur our sadness, as been smiles, as
we got to visit family, and watch a son get
married in August…

And then of course there is the nation divided
with the new election, which has to be the
worse election of my lifetime.  And now we
wait until 2017, to see how this is all going
to play..

Luckily, the year ends …for us … on an upbeat
note… as we have news of another addition to
our family in May of 2017… a little boy, who is
busy with his mom, our granddaughter,  now building up muscles, growing strong  bones, practicing smiling,
as he has a sister who is anxiously waiting, and
grandparents who are excited as the parents. And

great grandparents to meet. 

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