Monday, January 02, 2017

HELLO 2017...

Well we all made it thru the year of 2016.

Do you know what the difference is between 2016
on Saturday, the 31st of December?   And Sunday
the 1st of January?     The answer is the number 7
that you now have to remember to write on your checks,
and any other piece of paper with the date on it.

Some times the change over comes easy..just one number.
But when it is two or more.. then it was tricky.. like from
2009 to 2010.. and worse yet was 1999 to 2000.  But it is
all do able..

So I have Christmas 2016 all button up, in the boxes and
out in the garage.. just need the King to put the boxes up
in the storage area.   All the inside of the house is done, and
the outside as well.. But got to admit, I am a lazy one, come
to the lights.. They stay up year around. They are under the
eaves, so no one sees them.. but the ones on the fence are
seeable..   Which in the past has been no big deal as they
blended with the cross pole… but this year, I had extra
lights so have a loop between each up right pole..  Maybe
come spring, I can tie them up to the cross pole and it won’t
look so obvious.

I was a little bend out of shape when I couldn’t find the Rose
Parade Sunday, but found out from friends that they never do
a Rose Parade on Sunday.. (why is that?  Church?, so it is better
that those who work on Monday, miss out?  As a good share
do.. except banks, postal workers and federal workers…
Anyway, I will be in front of the tv with coffee cup in hand,
watching the parade.. I love that one because they have horses and
usually have a lot of bands.. to me.. the bands make the parade.
no band, then it is just a bunch of people walking down the middle
of the street..

So enjoy the parade, and if you are a football fan, then the Rose
Bowl game.  

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