Monday, January 23, 2017


                                GOOD BYE, MR. PRESIDENT...
Thank you for being the class act that you and your family have been.. While I didn't agree with you political all the time. But I admire the fact, that no matter how dirty the public became.. no matter what the horrible nasty names they called you and your wife.. You both kept your head high. You showed you did not lower your self to their level..
I believed in you the first time and voted for you.. I thought you  might be the one to make changes.   As a old voter, and kind of jade, it might not be possible.. but when you said.. YES, WE CAN.. I thought, well maybe you just might be able to. And you were different than the OLD WASHINGTON GUARD, so just maybe.  And then there is the deal breaker on the other side.. Ms Palin..  She was a deal breaker for me.. And you did look promising.

The first 4 years, you did try to make good on your promises. I did see the road construction going on across the country when I traveled to Wisconsin.  You were trying to construct a health care that was affordable for the citizen who were being out priced on insurance for their families and with less coverage.  There was words in the works for the gay people..  You were trying.  There was works going on to end the war overseas that was given to you by the previous bunch. And the economy was trying to recover and jobs coming back. But the lobbyist were still there.  The one line laws didn’t happen. And a few others, that I had hoped would happen.   And the Affordable Care was not affordable by many.  It had some good points, like the 26 year old kids under their parents, and no previous injury wording.. but the rest was leaving a lot unsaid.. and the insurance companies were given enough time before it went into an act , to raise their rates sky high for many .
The next 4 years were worse for you as Congress made sure they blocked you at every law or policies you tried to pass for the citizens.  Ending up using the executive order over and over.   But some of the things you tried.. did get thru.. While not nationally, but state wide, some of yours got thru. Like gay marriages and marijuana in many states.   And the economy did rise up and the unemployment did go down to 4%.  But I also saw that with Congress blocking you so badly, that the nation was getting enough of it all. And the parties took over and works FOR the citizens went to the way side. 

I guess what comes to mind is the scene in One who flew over the Cockoo Nest…. Where the man tried to pick up the water fountain from the floor. And he grunted and groan and finally, have a lot of time…he ended up walking away.. Others in the room made fun of him. Laughing at him. When the Indian, looked at all of them.. and say.. “WELL, AT LEAST HE TRIED.”    And that you did.

You can hold your head high, because you did tried.. also you are a fantastic father, and husband.  It had to be hard to stand by and hear some of the news come in about your wife. No first lady has been so put down, since Nancy Reagan. Who did not have to endure the racist remarks.   At least they left your daughters alone.   But you and your wife, showed what class is like.

So GOOD BYE MR. PRESIDENT… I wish you and your fine family well. 

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