Thursday, January 05, 2017

It is that time of the year....TAXES...

I know we have 3 and half more months..
But I am one of those who wants to get it
over with..  While I can’t file yet, I sure can
get my paper work ready..

I have a file folder (you know with the 14 slots.
one for each month and extras) full of receipts.
kind of like… yep, I got a receipt for that.. as
I look thru all my papers in the box, in years
past. About 10 years ago, I decided to buy one
of those accordion file folders..  Putting each
month tag on each slot. And put the word TAXES
on the extra slot… hoping I remember to put all
those tax related in that slot.  And at the end of the
year.. it is a like fat hog ready to be slaughtered.

This works in two ways.. I put ever single.. yes,
every single receipt in that folder.  And if I need
to go back and get that receipt, I just look thru the
folder of the month I bought.  Which is handy,
as a couple times we have had something go wrong
and have to prove we bought it at their store and
when.. and how much.   And I can do that now.

Then at the end of the year, I go thru it all, find what
is taxable information.. and put it to the side. Then I
go thru the extra pile, which is receipts for items
bought.. and I put those in the file cabinet, under
products, manuals, warranties and etc.  Just in case
I need it next year.

Then the tax able papers.. file it in order of information.
health, taxes paid (W-2 forms) and etc.   Then I type
a report of all those..  And if I am lucky to get an
appointment in March, I take it into my tax guy.
I have the report listed with each amounts on it,
in each department.. and I have the file folder with
the paper work to back up those in the report.

So today, is the day to open that stuffed pig case.
Take out each month.. making piles of each receipt.
One for utilities, one for receipts from Wal-mart, one
for North 40 and etc..  then there is the misc.

Going thru each pile making sure I didn’t miss any
taxable papers.   And after I am satified that I have
them all…. Then it is the shredding machine and I,
time… Don’t want all those account numbers and
etc. in the wrong hands.

Ah, yes, the fun of it all…but then again, what else
do I have to do on a freezing day, when the temps
are in the teens, and the wind is blowing.. and I don’t
want to think about wind chill factors.

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