Monday, January 09, 2017

Toilet paper and the law of average.....

You know it is a slow day, if the topic is
toilet paper.

The other day, the King was asking me if
we used more toilet paper now than before,
say a year ago.  I laughed and said no, we
are on the same average for years.. Why?
He said because, either we were using a lot
more, or I was stalling, so he had to change the roll.  
And also getting out the toilet paper from the
closet and putting it in the 4 roll holder that is
near the toilet. Assuming that I was getting out
of doing that chore.

I laughed. I told him that it is because he is home
more now.  He looked at me kind of irritated.  I told
him I was not referring to the fact he was going more
here at the house, because he no longer was going
to work for 8 + hours. I was referring to the fact
that with him using it more, the law of average is, he
is going to have to change out the rolls and place
paper in the holder more often..   After, all I asked,
who do you think has been changing it for the past
30 years?  That twice a year he might have.. but
the law of average I would be the one who would
be the changer. (plus he was great at leaving an
empty roll)

This has also come up with the garbage, but I have
already posted on that in the past. And bow to him
as being the champion garbage compactor, anything
except take it outside to the can.   

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