Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What is a circus?

That is a question our great grandkids will
probably be asking.   Or your grandchildren.

As I watched the new, there was a report that
Ringling Barnum Bailey Circus will have their
last show in May.  I don’t know if some of the
smaller ones will also quit or maybe they already
have.  There hasn’t been one in our area for years.
We did take our grandson to one many years ago.
I think he was about 10. He is now 26.  It wasn’t
RBBC’s circus, but it was pretty good.  The side
shows didn’t seem to be up to par, but over all good.

Myself, I have seen RBBC many times. I saw it
in R.I. as a kid a couple times. I saw it in San
Diego, twice.  I have seen the lesser ones a couple
of times.. The one we took our grandson to, is the
last one. 

It is sad that kids will not be in awe as the elephants
parade by.. or the high wire acts wobble across the
wire. Or the trapeze act is flying over head.  I find
it all sad.

I thought it was because of the PETA people who
have been after the circus for years to drop the
elephant acts out of the show, but the report said
that the people just haven’t been coming out as
much as they use to.  That kids are more into
reading their screens than they are into seeing
the trapeze artist and the animal acts.  Again…
Just another thing that I am so happy was in my child
hood, that kids won’t get to experience.  As I was thinking
about how my great grandchildren missing out, I thought
back to my grandchildren. Which 90% of them are adults
now.. and wondered how many of them have been to a circus.

If I won the lotto, I would buy tickets to the RBBC last show
in May, for all of them.  All children should experience the
awe of the circus in their lifetime.     

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