Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Opening the door for lies....

When I watched the news and saw one of Trump’s
people explain why what his press secretary said,
was not lies BUT ALTERED TRUTH!!  All I could
think was .. OH. .. MY… GOD… did she ever opent
the door to untruth.  Better know to you and I as LIES.
They don’t need to use the wording of ..”little white
lie” anymore.. and even flat out lying.. will be come
obsolete.   ALTERNATIVE TRUTH is the new one…

The door is open.  This isn’t just a buzz word.  A buzz
word is, word or words uttered and people pick it up and
ones.. cool, awesome and so many we have picked up from
a simple word or wording uttered by someone. 

But the door that opens will also become a legal one.
I am sorry, your honor, I did not lie, it was an alternative

Newspaper and later television reporters use to be held to 
accountability for the truth.  Some times legally, some
times by society.   We all know that of late, the media,
all media… has had a hard time staying in the line of truth.
Fox News has a way of spinning the truth .. as well as some
of the bigger news outlets. Depending on what political
game side they are on.  What use to be called yellow
journalism, has become the norm.  We use to make fun
of the “scandal sheets” like Enquire, and alike.  But
now we can’t count on anything.

Guess life has become like my parents use to say, which
was a saying… Believe ¼ of what you read and ½ of what
you see. Now to believe 1/10 of what you read and 1/4 of what you 

Does this mean that the legal cases of slander will now go to
the way side?  After all, slander is lies.. and true is going to
become alternative truth, which of course, to you and I is…lies.

Say nothing about dealing with your kids.. they will catch
on to this fast.. I DID NOT LIE… I told the altered truth.

What comes to mind is .. Sir Walter Scott’s words.  

Oh, what a tangle web we weave, when we first  
practice to deceive.   

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