Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Be careful what you wish for.. Immigrants

As the observer, of the news and the Facebook
barrage of words… it strikes me, the old saying..
Be careful what you wish for….

The media.. all over.. Facebook, talk shows, some
what the news… newspapers… it is every where.
The shock and horror of the signing of no immigrants
in to America nor any of us being able to come and go
from 7 countries.  And now he is
talking about adding some more counties.

See I remember about 3 or 4 years ago, running around
Facebook was meme of Robin Williams, about building
walls around the USA.  Letting no one in.. and letting no
one out.. that we would be come self sufficient. We wouldn’t
need to trade with anyone.. We wouldn’t go to war with
anyone, because we would keep them all out of the USA
Why poor Robin got his name on this, is beyond me.. as he
definitely did not say it or thought it.  But I do remember
people passing that thing around many times and adding
their two cents to it.

I am still waiting for the lobbyist and the term limits..
But that won’t be in my life time…

But back to the immigrants… You see I am old enough to
remember the rest of the immigrants.. you know the ones,
the ones that were your grandparents? Or Great grandparents
and even now maybe your great, great grandparents?  See I
remember the word WOP… it was not a nice name to call
the Italians.   For those who don’t know.. the word WOP
Stood for  W….with….O ….out…P…. papers…  Now what
does that suggest to you?  They came over on the ship
thru Ellis Island.. not so much. There were a lot of them
who did.. but there obliviously were those who did not.
There is the Irish who came in as second hand people,
on a indentured servant policies.    We had the Chinese
who came in a lot of times not true proper channels, and
were put into slavery, because they never could pay off
the amount the boss paid to have them come.  They dug
the hole deeper owing the company store. 
Say nothing about the poor Japanese people that the
Government so quickly put into camps and took their
property, business, forever.  

No immigrants have never been truly accepted in the
USA.. and today it is ironic that most that yell the most
would not be here, had their families not came here from
somewhere.    So unless you are an Native American
Indian.. your family came to these shores, be it legal
or not..     

With a lot of those who came.. there was the bad element
who came with them. You have the Irish and Italians
fighting in New York at the turn of the 20th century.
You had the  Vietnamese gangs, the Japanese gangs.
But they were the 10% .. the rest of them were and
are good folks who just wants the same as you and I.
A place to live, be able to afford food, a job.
and those who are afraid of the Muslins? Do you
know they have been here since the 1880?, No I
didn’t think you did.

And while you are yelling and ranting to your friends..
Be careful what you wish for… And think about how
your family got here.  Google it sometime.
And remember we hate what we don’t understand.. and chose not to understand…

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