Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The future looks like fun, but also scary....

I was watching 60 minutes on Sunday with
the King.

The second section had a story about A.I.
That is for Artificial Intelligent.  And it was
interesting.  The WOW factor.  They start
out with the little tiny, well, not tiny, but
smaller than the average drone.  It was a little
bigger than the guys hand.  And they flew like
20 at first… and showed how the A.I. communicates
with the others.. and they fly around each other with
out crashing in to each other.  Which I found amazing.
As they came from all directions, milling around in the center
area.  The guy talked about how they could be
sentries for guarding a 3 mile area.  Interesting.

Then they went on to a robot type deal with a disc
on top that flies off and hovers around and can
find anything that the owner wants it to find.
From things to humans. It knowing the difference
from one human from the other human… Interesting.

Then back to a trial of 100 of these to see if they will
fly, and come from different areas and fly by each other
as well in as in a circle with out hitting each other.
They did.. although the batteries died on a few. 
They are working on that.   All very interesting..

What I found scary.. and the King agreed.. These
very same A.I. could fly into a large city such as
ChicagoNew York…. Or Los Angeles  and
spray poisonous stuff over the population, that
are walking down the streets, driving.. playing
in their yards, at the schools and etc.   If taken
over by any enemy.
After all, if we are to believe that Russia could hack
our computers enough to take over one at a water
plant, or interfere with the Democrat party.
I can see the possibilities of this going all wrong.

But still has the wow factor.  Especially the one
that could go into any building with a weapon,
and find the enemy, so our guys wouldn’t have

to go in and get ambushed. 

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Bay Views said...

Aha! Now I know. I have artificial intelligence. None of that education for me.