Thursday, January 12, 2017


Was sitting there, last night when the King jumped
up and ran to the window area.  I asked him, what
is wrong.  A MOUSE!!!  We have a mouse in the
house.   Trying not to laugh at his words, but still.
Plus for me.. there is the …. I don’t like mice, period.

So he looks thru drawers and the garage.. no mouse
trap.  We haven’t had a mouse in the house since
Rokon came to live with us 12 years ago.  But with
Rokon passing, we are catless.  Hense, a mouse in
the house. 

The man who said he wasn’t going ANYWHERE..
Put on his boots and was out the door to the store.
See we didn’t even owe a mouse trap.
He return with a standard wooden wire mouse trap.
But also a box called Tom Cat.. it looked like it would
have the mice feet stick to this thing and would be
trapped ..   He already thru the box away, otherwise
I would have a picture of it.. I don’t know where he
put that.. but I am here to tell you… if I hear a
squealing, squeaking sound.. I am going to be
long gone..  I don’t do mice, I don’t do mice
traps…. Besides I was told that you kill one mouse,
there will be 20 coming to its funeral… 

Oh, and I found TOMCAT mouse trap on line…it
looks like this..   

By the way, Misty has no interest in this mouse


Big Piney Woods Cats said...

time to get another cat me thinks

Word Tosser said...

while I would love a cat... but Ken and I decided to not replace
our animals.. because of being retired and vet bills... to be a responsible
owner... we should not get any more.. if we can't take care of them properly.
And yes, .. when Ken said last night.. lol. We have not had a mouse in YEARS..
and I said.. nope.. not since we got Rokon.. ;-(