Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Carousel of Smiles project

There is a couple... Clay and Reno Hutchison.. who loves... Carousels. Have for years..   They have been looking for a whole carousel.. not just a piece.  And then along came the opportunity. The year was 2000. They were able to buy it before it went to auction.  Auctions usually means it is parted out..  But they were able to buy the whole thing.   The amazing thing is that it had been stored in a tractor trailer for over 48 YEARS!!!.  Someone had bought years ago.. 1970's  and started to restore the horses.. and had stripped the old paint. And then it sat for many years again. 
But now they are in Sandpoint. With great hopes to have it done in a year.  There was two showings of them.  First was the unloading of them..  and then last Saturday, was the showing for those who missed it the last time, like the King and I.  And also in hopes the fever was catching and those of the right trade, may volunteer to help.  The King did put down his name and for welding, and gears and engines. They need wood workers... painters and others.  And people did...  

The love of ones childhood, and the ride on the carousel is contagious .   So here you see the beginning.. And I hope I am around in the year or so that it is done.. So I can show you the finish project. 

For those with computers, here is the site.

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