Wednesday, January 11, 2017

And the wind blew....

The past week has been interesting ..
weather wise.

We have had about 4 days of deep freeze.
9 for day times.. and any where from -6 to
4 above for early mornings.

Leaving us with open cabinets to sinks,
and dripping water, so we didn’t have to
have frozen pipes.  

Then the snow came once again.. leaving us
5 more inches…but also adding the wind with
it.. so there are drifts everywhere.

We have about 2 feet on the flat, about 3 feet
in the middle where the King has blowing the snow
to make a pee trail for Misty.  But out back by
the green house, there is drifts up to 4 feet tall.

Yet this is not a bad year.. this is a average year.
Those who are moaning and groaning about it
this year.. forget that just 6 or so years ago, we
had so much more.. garages, and barns were
falling in from the weight of the snow. Even
some homes roofs were falling in.
Also in 1995, there was so much.. that they
were having a hard time finding a place to
put the snow from the streets.  And it was
common to drive thru town, stopping at
ever intersection, and ease out pass the
wall of snow to see if the road was clear to
cross or pull out.  People were getting paid
$20 to $75 an hour to shove off buildings.
I worked in a nursing home, and they shoveled
it off and what was already on the ground.. the
windows were covered… I remember one family
member stumbling across the yard to get to the
window of his mother.. so he could dig out a
port hole for day light in her room and for her to
look out thru.  

One year, about 1988, we had a week
of below 0.. with the wind blowing.. one day it
was -40 degrees with wind chill factor.

Yep, this is just a regular normal average Idaho

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