Monday, January 30, 2017

I have the tech blues.....

My daughter was nice enough to gift me a
Pad.. Samsung …  Has my email on it, and
Facebook.  And I will be able to take pictures.
And will be able to do wondrous things with that.

Notice I said WILL BE ABLE to do wondrous
things.   Because it is going to take a while. 
I have been going thru one step at a time.  I
have my facebook page on it.  I have one of my
email address on it.  The other one is a another
story, as it isn’t the common one.. like msn, yahoo
or any of those.. So it has presented a problem,
with the security of it. I am not putting in the
correct information, I guess.. so today will
be the gather of the information.. for that.

Getting use to the small screen and my big
fingers for the pop up keyboard is interesting.
Some of the stuff that is in one place on my
laptop, is in another side on the pad.

I am doing one thing at a time, so not to overwhelm
my brain with it. As electronics and I are
not necessarily friends anymore. I use to have
a brain… now I have mush, that tries to
impersonate a brain.   So if I don’t clutter it
too much.. I might have a chance to actually
get this. 

My daughter says if I can conquer this one.. then
I will be ready for a smart phone..  OH, GOD FORBID.

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Anonymous said...

I love my smartphone. Am not techy at all. Had it for years �� I am of the silent generation also.. Couple of tips: Get one that is Microsoft. No learning curve. As same as your computers. Tutorials with are simple. Then use a stylus on pop up keyboards on tablets and ipads.�� sadly many Apple Ipads have a huge learning curve. Good luck, and have fun.