Wednesday, January 04, 2017

I am so confused.....

We all know that the English language is
Well, for a lack of better word.. confusing..

Like the word HACK..  I have always thought
It was a bad thing..  meaning to break up things,
Or to get into one’s computer and make havoc.
Be a hack was not a good thing..

Now I see it used a lot.. It seems like it is suppose
To mean.. research something so you can use it?
Or what is online.. is
  1. Definition of hack

    The link above goes to the definition page for "hack".

    The slang term "hack" also appears in the following thesaurus categories:

You got that?   Because I sure don’t.. I don’t know if it
Is good or bad.. sounds like it is mostly bad.

add to this .. DUBBING... which is a dance or stance... while bopping up and down... which a young man got into trouble doing at the Congress swearing in. 
It also has something to do with drugs as well.. so be careful how you use the term.. but I am still confused... 

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Betty said...

I think "hacking" is mostly bad these days. To me, it just means a bad cough. lol

According to my son, the word is "dapping", which is some kind celebratory move, dance, whatever. The kid was expressing his happiness that his dad was being sworn in. Paul Ryan apparently doesn't understand any more than we do. lol