Monday, January 16, 2017

The Generations.....

Over the years I have seen label for different generations.
The one most used is the ‘BOOMER” generation.
Then came the “GENERATION X”  and then the “MILLENNIAL”  and now we have the “GENERATION Z” 
(I don’t know what happen to Generation Y…
 I’m guessing that is Millennial)

Also mention from time to time is the “GREATEST GENERATION” who are those born before 1930.  Those born from 1930 to 1945” …Well, we have been given a few names..
Traditionalist, Forgotten, radio babies, Moral Authority, the few
and even the “SILENT GENERATION.”  The silent generation,
What does that mean?  Got me. Being one of those born then, it would be nice to know. For years I thought I was a “Boomer”. But was told several years ago, by a Boomer… I was NOT a Boomer. Too old to be Boomer, she said. So what was I?  No one seemed to
know. I was too young to be “the Greatest Generation. Fact is, I wasn’t even born yet.

A lot of the generations seem to be connected to wars.
Greatest- WWI and WWII… Boomers seem to be the
Vietnam War.
Are we the silent generation because Korean War was not
considered a war?
Generation X … x because there were no wars, only squirmishes.
Millennials, of course, because they were going to be the end of
the century.

They called us the Silent generation because we were career mined and did not protest. 
I think the name , that we are the silent generation, kind of fits.
Because we don’t care anymore. We see other than a little disgust, and with our complaining and voting (which is still important, but becoming a joke national of late) nothing changes. So we have been silent.

I can remember in the 70’s when the Boomers and the Generation X were coming of  age, they thought they had all the answers.
With the motto of, don’t trust “THE MAN” .. LOVE POWER.
And etc.  Who are now full fledge adults, heading towards retirement…  I wonder with all their knowledge of the 70’s and straighten up the rest of us… how is that working for you all?
Or are you finding out, it is all the same.. before and now?
And with internet, running away with your lives.. How is that
working out for you all?

Yep, SILENT GENERATION, sounds good to me.     

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