Tuesday, January 17, 2017

NOT in my neighborhood

From time to time, when things happen, we
think, not in our neighborhood.
So when I was asked for a prayer from my church
for two  Bonner County Sheriff deputies who had
been shot.  My heart sank.

We all have read and saw on television stories about
police officers being shot.  Way, way, too many of
them this year.   Blue lives do matter…I think all
lives matter, but Blues are out there to protect us.
But as I have read it happening across our nation,
even in small town mid America…  I guess I was
in denial it would be here.. Here in our county.

Thank God, the wounds are not life threatening.
And both officers will be up and around soon.
The shooter as well, was shot and is going to
survive to serve his time.

Also this is a proud county, as I am sure many
others are… so the thoughts have gone to the
families…and what can the average citizen do for
those families to make their load a little less
heavy. There is talk of food trains, for the families.
then the sad thought, of how some might not be
honest with it and do more harm.. so then the
word was what about restaurant gift cards for the
family. And questioning what else can they do for
these families.

You can never say, not in my neighborhood.. 
as it can knock on your door at anytime. 

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