Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Are They Suppose to be Disposable?

What are the two most
bought pieces of machinery
do we go thru the most?
Meaning what piece do
we buy the most of.

Both of them can be small.
Both of them are noisy.
Both of them can cost a
lot and or can be gotten
cheap.. but they still go
to pot and we buy another...

Both can be found at
yard sales... lots of yard
sales.. and it is buyer

For women it is vacuum
For men, it is weed eaters.

What is it? No matter what
the price or the wonderful
ads on how great they are..
they only last a year or two.

Our mother's use to have one
that was past on to us, when
we got married, and she got
a new one..more modern.

I really don't know if our father's
had weed eaters, when we were
young. I think they were called
horses, cows or sheep, if he did.

But you can own several and
not have a decent one in the

NOW, you know what to get
Dad for Father's day. He can
never have enough weedeaters.

1 comment:

Bill McCrory said...


I have the world's best weed whacker. It's a John Deere, and it uses either the heavy nylon string (not that skinny dental floss that loses two-out-of-three whacks to a dandelion) or the metal blade. It'll take down one-inch trees with the blade. Unfortunately, my weed whacker has an affinity for ground-based yellowjacket nests. I swear, it has yellowjacket radar that causes the Green Machine to seek out but not destroy the nests. Yellowjackets get nasty if you weed whack their happy homes. So here's a Hint from Whitecaps: Have a thin paste of water and baking soda nearby. Kills the pain from yellowjacket bites and stings almost immediately.