Monday, June 26, 2006

We don't live in the USA?

Just as I suspected. We up here
in Idaho, we aren't part of the USA.

I was reading the paper this morning,
and there it was on page 3. Gas goes
down in the USA.. Well, it said nation
wide survey. It reported a 4.6 cent
drop. Being our prices are going up,
that must mean we don't live in the
nation. We are still hitting the
$2.96 and up mark.

But at least I don't live in the
country next to us called
Washington state. As the
front page told how theirs
is going to go up another
3 cents for state taxes.

So I guess we are lucky to
live in this country called Idaho.
It really gets me about
the prices dropping, but when
I continue to read down the
story.. there was my sister's
state mention, (she does live in
the nation called USA,) as her
town is the lowest of the nation!
$2.61!! Now why is our country
charging 35 cents more?

I would move, but I don't want
to do hurricane's anymore, and
if we think it is hot here, that
is nothing compared to South

Which reminds me our practice
for living in hell, is going well..
Our temps are 96 today, and
being we have gotten use (?)
to this, they are cranking up
the practice tomorrow to 98.

Well, at least my legs aren't
blinding anyone, anymore with
their whiteness.


Dogwalkmusings said...

Mine are but I'm working on it! Welcome home. You sure returned in fine form!

Word Tosser said...

shhhh...don't tell anybody, but I think they must have heard me... as our gas prices dropped 7 cents!!!... it was $2.96 early this morning... and then at 3 pm, it was $2.89. does this mean we have to join the nation again... lol