Monday, June 12, 2006

Parenting 101

I came up with the idea of this
blog on Sunday... and fleshed
it out... and debated if I should
do it for the day or wait. I chose
to wait and do the change of
blogging one.
So you can imagine my face
when I open the paper this
morning to see... Parenting
as the subject. Guess great
mind run in the same path.
So here is my take on it. easy answers.

First of all there really isn't a
book on raising your child.
There are a few out there about
raising someone else's child.

But each child is different. So
the author's child may have done
well, with their ideas...but yours
may not. So it it is a hit and miss

So what is there to do? You do
your best. Sound way too simple?
Yes, it does sound simple. And
believe me, from personal experience,
I can tell you it isn't easy or simple.

Heck you can't even use the same
ideas you used on #1 child, on your
second child or third. It is a new slate
each time.

All you can do is get a basis plan
to work from. That comes from
common sense and from your
heart. And believe me, if all goes
well, you are the lucky one.

Be ready for the worse, and hope for
the best. You know right from wrong.
Teach your child that. You know what
is honest and not, teach your child that.

Feed them well, hug them often. Tell
them you love them, even when they
are telling you, that they hate you.
Being a parent is not a popularity
contest. You do your best to
raise this child, and each that follow
with your head as well as your heart.

Your worse years are your child's teen
years. As the old saying goes, you will
never be more stupid while your child is
in their teens, (if they wait that long) and
so smart when they hit their 20's.

One of the best advice I have ever heard
to tell a child... was from the mouth of
my own adult son... Those words are...

"If a deal comes up... and you want to
do it... think.... would I do this if my
father was with me... if the answer is
no.... then don't do it."

The best is for last... you will get
revenge on this child.... they are
called Grandchildren. ..
Good Luck

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God's Helper said...

If only it worked that way. I really believe Grandchildren are harder to raise than children. Of course I was younger then, but not as smart. I am not sure which way is best.