Monday, June 05, 2006

My Head Hurts

Remember last week I told you
I had downloaded my pictures
to give myself some more room?

And somehow I got it on the disk.
Then deleted just about all of my
pictures .. only to find out the next
day I had a big problem.. I couldn't
open the disk because it kept telling
me it was corrupted or not Window
formatted. Well, the good news is
the computer guru at my daughter's
job was able to download the disk
in a folder to his computer.. then
downloaded it to a new disk that
was Windows formatted.

I still don't know how a Window machine
downloads something to another
format without telling me something,
or that I even have another format
available. Won't even go there.

So here I am back in business.
I put the cd into the computer and
hit download....from cd to computer.
and where do I want to send it...
Well, I want it in My Documents under
My Pictures. I hit My Documents. And
before I can do anything else, like hit
My Pictures, in a flash it is all downloaded
to MY DOCUMENTS...ONLY. Meaning that
I went from 22 documents to 1,000+. See
another thing I don't understand... it sent
it to the computer in triplicate.

I figured this is all fixable. So I spent 3 hours
downloading each picture one by one to
a folder I placed on my screen.. One for each
child... one for friends, scenes, Kings family,
my family, and etc. You get the picture.
Over 1,000 pictures were gone thru... one by
one. And when I was done, I put them in
by dragging each folder to the icon I had
really good idea. See because it is a short
cut, it doesn't register when I go to send things
there. I click out of everything and shut down
the computer. I can't take it anymore.

Saturday, I make a new stab at it. I came up with
this great idea, make a new folder and name it
My Pictures. I go to My Documents and start
to move the pictures one by one to My Picture
folder. I get about 20 done in 15 minutes. Then it
dawns on me.. it is easier to move over 1000
pictures and 22 documents to My Pictures with
highlighting all...with select all. So I did that...
then went in to My Pictures and took out one
at a time, of my documents and placed them
in My Documents.

Now I have all the pictures in My Picture
folder. And I see I have about 40 folders in I don't know how many pictures.
I figured out that if I made new folders
for each child, friend, scenes, our house in and
out, King's family, my family, and etc... I could
clean up and get rid of some of the pictures.
And that is what I did for 3 more hours. That
leaving me with.... 20 some odd new folders.
And 40 some odd old folders.

Is your head hurting from reading all this?
Well, mine was yesterday and it is now as
I write this, the night before I post this.

You know, I think today, I will just move
furniture around. It has to be easier.
And deal with the pictures some other day.
And the cd writer? Doesn't work, Doesn't
like me, says it is corrupted and etc. And
right now I really don't care.

Happy Rainy Day. And
Happy Anniversary King,
it has been and still is
a wonderful ride...

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God's Helper said...

So it is your anniversary. I hope it was happy and many more come your way.

I'll trade you problems....

Love you both.