Friday, June 09, 2006

Just Who Reads This Anyway?

When one writes a blog,
one wonders if anyone
is reading it. Most of us
have a site meter. Which
helps the moral when no
one comments.

While I have a average of
20 a day who read.. or at
least it is hit 20
case of repeats. But it
can go up and down at
anytime. I have had as
many as 43 one time.
And in the teens a lot.

Site meter gives you a
weekly report as well.
Giving you the total for
the week as well as the
day. Some of my low days
are 12 and that is mostly
weekends. This past week
I am down 40 for the week.
Next week could be up.

The neat thing is, that
the daily report that
you can bring up each
day, tells you where the
location is of the viewer.
98% is USA. But it is
interesting to see where,
what state they are from.
And what is amazing is
when you get an occasional
from another country. And it
is interesting to see where
they came from to get to you.

So who really reads our stuff?
I don't know about others. But
mine is mostly friends. I am
lucky enough to have one friend
in France who reads me pretty
regular. Do my kids? The answer
might surprise you.. it is no, or
at least rarely. Maybe if I
email them about a subject I
think they might find interesting,
they may look in. But for the most
part, no. Guess they have heard
me for so many year, that in their
busy lives it is hard to stop and
see what Mom is saying now.
I hold no grudge. As I don't do
this for my kids, I do it because
it is fun. And it warms my heart
that my friends think it is of value.

Then there is my fellow bloggers,
who check on me from time to time.
As I do on them. I have my dailies,
and my once a weeks. Especially
with the weather warmer and I am
outside more often.

So who really reads us? Good


jb3ll3 said...

*I* read it. Never miss it. xxooj

Bill McCrory said...

I do read yours, but not as frequently as I should. But just as you said, the site meter is sometimes more interesting. It's truly amazing to see the URLs and the locations that read our blogs. We have to wonder, probably more than once, "I wonder why they were interested in that?" Guess that's part of the fun.

As an aside, my blog is targeted at (or inflicted upon, depending on the point of view) the students in the Sociology and Criminal Justice Program at Eastern Washington University. When the real professors get really, really desperate (like about 4 - 6 times each term)for comedy relief, they invite me over as a guest lecturer. My blog was started explicitly to encourage them to read information (from links) they might not otherwise see.

PinkAcorn said...

Hi Word Tosser !! I'm here, I'm here !! Since getting back from rainey Cocolalla I stopped in Seattle and visited my grandbaby for 3 days, then worked six nights in CA and today took my Mom to the ER for low blood sugar and non-responsiveness (and had to do rescue breathing)- now I have time to read up ! Haven't even taken in my baby pics for development-bad Grandma here. I will need to ask where to get a site counter and how do you get people to read your Blog? Is it by the amount of links you have? Still a newbie.
Hope all is well. I'm driving up on the 22nd for 3 weeks of heaven-can't wait!

LucilleNT said...

Hey lady, I read your blog...this one hit home keep that pencil sharpened, great stories and very humorous at

little ol' me said...

Hey, can get an actual idea of who is reading your blog; you can get a free "hit counter" at the same place you got that little clock ( I checked out your blog because you were 'changing your routine'. I am thinking not about stopping but cutting back...what with summertime and so much to do, I'm running outta stuff to blog about. Lastly, you do NOT have a simple mind. It looks like you've got plenty going on "upstairs" if you ask me!