Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cancer Walk and the Disease

People with Cancer never
cease to amaze me.
The courage, the brave, the
hope.. it surprises me even
after working in the health
industry for years.
As you know I have gone to
two Cancer walks in the past
two weeks. First one in Sandpoint.
Second one, Ellensburg, Washington.
As the survivors walk the walk, even
with canes, and walkers, they stand
proud. Some the strength they get is
from each other. Some of them are
survivors for years. Some of them
are multiple Cancer series survivors.
I don't know how much money was
collected for Sandpoint, but Ellensburg
got over $600,000. It goes for so many
uses. Research, helping those with Cancer,
buying meds for those who can not afford it.
And so many other spots that are in need.
The Ellensburg one had so many things
going for it. So many tables to buy products,
that the money was turn over to the Cancer
Society. All of it by donation. In other words
they might ask for $1 or 50 cents but you
could pay more. Saturday morning my biggest
was the coffee machine.. great coffee and I
reaped 3 cups. I was able to walk over 8 rounds
(2 miles) for my friend as well as several for myself.
The weirdest thing is how common place
Cancer is. We know of people, and we
just know it is so. Case in point, as
we were walking around, the King and
I ... it dawn on us...both of us... we had
lost a parent to Cancer. We never thought
about it...It was just something that was.
The King's father had died of cancer. My
mother died of Cancer...
When I was working in the nursing home,
I took care of a lot of Cancer patients.
Every single one of them was facing it
bravery. With such courage. Knowing
their days were numbered. And the
thing that gets you....every single one
of them were concern about their love
ones. Concern about us caretakers.
I don't think I will ever get use to it.
Cancer treatment has come such a long
way. Even society's way of thinking has
changed. When my grandmother was
thought to have Cancer, it was considered
nasty and it was contagious. All of which,
is not true... well not nasty in the same
line they were thinking of.
Now people cut their hair off to the point
of being bald without a flinch. Because they
want the Cancer patient to know they don't
stand alone. Even children do it.
And remember..Cancer.... has no
prejudices... it hits, young and old.
No matter what race, healthy or wealthy.
So be sure to get your test ...don't put it
off... it could be your life..


LucilleNT said...

Oh my goodness, so true are your words. My father had both breasts removed from Cancer then a growth on the back of his neck...he kept a positive attitude, took his treatments, scoffed at food as in his words tasted and smelled like swamp water and still went to work...that was back when he was in his 70's and today he still goes to work twice a week and is 95...so people don't give up, keep busy and think good thoughts..our friends and love ones also play a big role in our success...

maureen said...

Another wonderful posting, Cis. Thank you so much for being here. Hopefully someday cancer will be considered a curable, preventable disease that we can all be vaccinated against, like smallpox or polio. Then no more suffering...
I love you big sister, you are always there for me and the family.