Thursday, June 08, 2006

Never Mind You Don't Need to Know

We, in Kootenai, get no respect...
The newspaper gives election results
for Sandpoint, Ponderay and Clark Fork.
What about Kootenai?? After all, when
you leave Ponderay, you go thru Kootenai
to get to Clark Fork.

Our sign says we are 441 strong.. which
I am sure is more now with all the new
houses here already. (more is coming).

We are 3 blocks deep and 8 blocks
long. With addition of annexed area
on one end.

So you can imagine my indignant
reaction to the Discover Map,
that is in all the restaurants in the
town of Sandpoint for the tourist
to look at.

I had to look 5 times to find
not only my town, but to see
what they did with it. First of
all, is there is no mention
of Kootenai at all. Then the
area that I know to be Kootenai,
is only 3 buildings. The
nursery that is at the beginning
of the town... The gas station,
(I see the gas pumps in front)
which is 5 blocks apart, and what
I surmise to be, The Sub Shoppe/coffee
house/Second hand store.All lined
up like they are side by side. And
that is it. Not even Coldwater
Creek rated. And yes, that is
in the city of Kootenai. Not can you miss
those huge piles?
And Whiskey Jack and Ponder
Point, high range houses, is
cabins by the lake.. lol...

We are the Rodney Dangerfield,
of the cities of Idaho. We get
no respect. Maybe it is just
as well. We like our walking/
bicycling town. Where mothers
can walk with their children while
they ride their tricycles.

Where is Kootenai, well, after
thinking about this.. and
the way Sandpoint is falling
to the wayside to new and
so called improved Sandpoint,
I don't think I will tell you
where we are


God's Helper said...

Now is that being nice??? You are as bad as we are out here on the Peninsula. We don't want people to know about us either. Trouble is, the developers are finding us....

LucilleNT said...

I can't wait to visit, from the pictures its paradise here on earth.