Monday, June 19, 2006

Pamela Faye Houston

Friday night, the King &I, and
my gal friend, went to the
Sandpoint Annual Cancer Walk.

We went for two reasons. One
was to get a survivor shirt for
our neighbor, who is still fighting
for her life. I also got a bracelet
with Survivor on it.

The second reason why we went,
was to see Pamela Faye Houston.
She was singing that night.
She sang the National Anthem
and later in the night she sang
In the Arms of an Angel.

Not only did she do the first
song so well, it was a standing
ovation..but when at 10pm
she sang In the Arms of an
Angel ...there was not a dry
eye in the house. What a voice.
What a life. She told about her
survival story. I knew it to be
true, as I was one of her caretakers.

And after I retired, I went to the
second care center where she
went. I took an orange rose to
her each time I went. And
everything she said about being
at death's door, is true.
So here is a commerial for
her album. That is the cover
you see. I think the Rose Petal
sells them. Or the coffee shop
by the Rose Petal, in Sandpoint.
It is gospel.
It is beautiful.
Now go read the rest of the story.

You need to go to my list of past
blogs to read the rest of the story..
It is listed under April 2005 and
find this listing and title..
4/18… Do you believe in Miracles

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maureen said...

What a neat posting. I too believe in miracles and she sounds like a true one.
See you Friday