Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Post-tax Assessment Notice Shock

Tax Assessment Notice...
that alone will bring terror
to your heart.

You open the envelope ever so
slowly, almost peeking before
you actually look.

You sit down, let out what
is left of the air inside of you.
And this only tells you what
your place is worth, and how
much of an allowance (home
exemption) they are going to
give you.

Our land went up over $40,000
and our building went up over
$20,000. The end results of
the value is twice as much
as we paid 8 years ago.
Actually borrowed as we
don't have that for pocket

Our finally tally says we are
being taxed on $20,000 more
than last year. so even with
the NEW tax break? We still
owe more.

So I sit here trying to figure
out what the end results will
be in August, when they tell
us how much more our taxes
will be.

What bothers me is... if
they are selling houses in
our county...bragging!! about
the prices of "Starting at"
$350,000 and up...why are my
taxes going up? With hundreds
of new homes selling for over,
$200,000 and half of them over
$400,000... why me? Why do
they need my money?

I didn't bring in these extra people,
that we need a bigger police force for.
A bigger fire dept. for...bigger schools.

I was even told that not that many
kids are coming...because ..get this...
a lot of these homes are SUMMER

Excuse me while I just stare at the
screen here... I am still having
post-tax assessment notice shock.

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stebbijo said...

At this rate -- our mobile home will be selling for over 50K and folks will still be paying for the lot rent which will continue to increase. I hear in Aspen CO -- trailers are worthy property going at 100K. That would be great -- then we could move! Ha.