Thursday, June 29, 2006

Not in My Neighborhood?

There is a public hearing on
the 10th of July for a wireless
tower next to our school.

While I am trying to see all
sides, it is hard to understand
why they would want a 8 by 40
footprint/base right next to the

This tower will be 120 feet tall.
98% of our buildings are one
story. So this will stick out like
a sore thumb. They don't even
want to have the school itself
be 2 stories.

In our travels from Spokane to
Ellensburg we saw probably
about 120 of these towers.
Of different shapes. The
triangle, the single pole,
and some shorter ones.

None of these were in a town
near residents. This one will
not only be next to a school,
but across the street from a
church, and many houses.

How will they keep the
children off of it, even if
they put a cage around it.
Will it have guide lines,
as the single poles had
that we saw?

Some how I think we will
be throwing our sword towards
the winds, as these things
seem to pass, if it mentions
the school needs it.

Why they can't put dishes
on top of the school, is beyond
me, if there were a need. And I
am sure if they say it is for the
public to use, then it just might
pass the people. But as a person
on dial up, as much as I would
love faster internet... I don't want it.
I just don't think it will do anything for
the town. We don't need a 120 ft.
tower, in our 3 blocks by 8 block town.

So I will go to the meeting..
and sign up to say my peace.
So even if they do pass it,
I will feel better.

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Dogwalkmusings said...

Interesting dilemma. Wonder what other sites may have been considered and why they were rejected. Is the school district getting some money? Is it enough to be of real benefit - or do they think you are a bunch of patsies?

Keep us posted.