Friday, June 23, 2006

This and That

We are finally (I hope) out of the
rain storm.. of weeks.. (thought we
were practicing for the Ark).. and
now sunshine. But now, we might
be practicing for hell, as they say
we are going from these 50's and
60's of the past few weeks to 80
today and tomorrow... and high
90's for the weekend and Monday
and Tuesday.

Diabetes has been in the news
a lot lately.

As they came out with a study
(which I never have been one to
fully believe any study about any
subject, as they keep changing
the study results) that 62% of the
American public has diabetes of
one or the other form.

They think it is mostly due to
obesity. We, Americans, no matter
what nationality, like it and like
it big. Super size everything we eat.

When I was a child, we were
given one piece of bacon, cut in
half... with one egg and one
piece of toast, cut in half.
Now we eat at least 2 eggs,
2 slices of toast, and 5 to 6 slices
of bacon.

For dinner we had a piece of meat
the size of a large deck of cards,
small potato, tablespoon of gravy,
3 tablespoons of vegetable, and a
green salad.

Now we have a dish that is half
the plate of meat, mash potatoes
that cover a quarter of the plate,
maybe veg. and maybe salad.
With gravy poured all over the meat
and potatoes. Plus a big dessert.

We had a sliver of pie... now you
get a quarter of the pie and ice

And you know what... I don't
remember ever, I mean, ever...
felt like we were still hungry after
we got up from the table. Never.

Yep, we have all made bad choices
in our food, so now we pay the prices.
Some of it is from your family, some
of it is from your food.

Then you have my generation who
was preached to eat everything on
the plate. After all there are starving
children eating out of garbage cans
who would love to have your dinner.

(I offered to give mine up for them....
especially my liver dinner, but Mom's
sense of humor were short on those
days).. and then of course we passed
that on to our kids who are passing
it on to their kids with super sizes...
which the parents are eating with them.

So what is there to do? Show by
example, that you really don't need
super size. You really do need
those vegetables that your parents
told you to eat. Fruits and Veggies.
What champions are made

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