Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Other Side of Parenting

Coming from a parent who
gave you the "do as I say, not
as I do"..
.. and when you ask why,
"because I said so"... and you never ever
question that...I know how easy
it would be to blame one's parents
for one's faults. Adult children trying
to throw the blame on the parents.

I feel when you raise your children
you need to work really hard on
putting down the best foundation
of childhood for them. After that they
are on their own. Who they become
is their choice.

But when I hear that a adult child
blames their lot on their parents, I
got to ask...
Aren't we all accountable for ourselves?

I am not talking about sexual
abused children. I am not talking
about children who were beaten.
Although there are a lot of them, who
changed their world for the better, inspite
of life. They chose to do better.

I am talking about children who
had very strict parents. Those who
had very discipline parents. Or those
who had no rules at all.

I am talking about how you are
the one who makes good or bad
choices. You have 20+ years of
control over your life. And decide
not to make it, what you wanted out
of it. You rather sit in the bad choices
of your parents. And then blame them.
You chose to sit in the mud and cuss the
mud rather than get up and change the
place you are in.

We chose to be the person we are.
We chose to be the type of parent,
we want to be, to our own children.

So your mother had a hard time being
a mother..so wasn't the best..
Or your dad had a hard time being
a dad, and wasn't the best...
Maybe they did the best they
knew how..
What is your excuse?

Each of us has to be accountable
to ourselves and not blame others, not
even our parents.

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