Thursday, June 22, 2006

Walk the Walk

I am doing a repeat because this
particular walk is coming up this
weekend... So this a reminder,
to help out those that you know too.

Monday, March 27, 2006
The Walk

It has no prejudices...It likes
the young as well as the old..
It doesn't care what race
you are. It will visit anyone.

Over the recent years we been
told that there are more
survivors than not. So the
organization has started a
walking group. For the survivors
as well as those left behind. Some
where that the left behind can talk
and the others will understand.

What am I talking about?
Cancer. Across the country there
will be walks for those left behind
and for those blessed to be survivors.
I have two people in my life that are
the left behind. One lost a daughter,
one lost a mother.They are far, far, far
from the unusual.

Do you have some one you lost?
Are you one of the blessed?
Then I hope you can do the walk in
your area. The two that I speak of,
have theirs in Ellensburg, Washington
this weekend. The weekend of June 23rd.
If you don't have a walk to support,
perhaps you will think of going to the sites
below and help out my friends with a
small donation.
Bertie's Barefoot Bunch (the mother) Click HERE

Shelley's Butterflies (the daughter) Click HERE

For those of you who do....Thank you


LucilleNT said...

My father survived having both breasts removed, my sister in law survived after having treatment, its a worthy cause..

maureen said...

Thank You Cis. And also thank you both for the donation.