Saturday, August 12, 2006

Day at the Arts and Craft Show in Sandpoint

When does it cost you $25 for parking..for an hour? Posted by Picasa

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jb3ll3 said...

I had a terrible time finding a parking place and then! one opened up. It said boat only but there were cars all around...with those exact orange things on the windshield. So I pulled in, hopped and asked SP Blue if I was parked legally. Nope, says he, I'm gonna give ya a ticket. okie doke, says I, I'll move. I did, started over again and at the entrance to the parking lot, miracle of miracles, a lovely parking spot. We had a wonderful day Cis, even if I spent much too much money. Bought 9 crucifixes from that woman from Billings, a really nice silver bracelet and some recycled glass window vases that I'm going to put in the breakfast room. Had lunch at Connie's. Guess what I ordered?

xxoothanks for the help; it really was a perfect day.