Monday, August 21, 2006

Never under Estimate the Power of a Woman

Over the weekend, a good friend
of ours came from Portland. He brought
a gift. A 32 inch television.

What a wonderful gift and it took two
men (no boy) to get it out of the car,
and into the house on a large end table.

We watched it the first night. But it
bugged me that it would not fit in our
entertainment center. So the wheels
were turning.

On Saturday, the guys went for a
ride to Priest Lake to see the King's
sister. And I stood there looking at
the television and the wheels were

If I were to move the entertainment
center to the left. And moved the
heavy table that my son made in
wood shop years ago, behind the
table the television was on... well.

Ok, I got my trusty little circles out,
and put them under the entertainment
center. Disconnect everything. And
pushed. Yep, over to the corner.

Put the circles under the heavy table
and slide it behind the table the TV is
on. Lift television on to heavy table. Not
easy but doable.

Take satellite box out of E.C. and put
it along side of TV. Video player, under
that. Reconnect everything. Check out
each and they all work. So connected it
right, which is a miracle in itself. Because
wires and I don't necessarily mix well.

Ok, now slide end table next to heavy,
table. Put stereo on that table with too
dang many cds and cassettes. It works
too, after putting speaker wires back in.

Now I have one E.C. (entertainment
center) empty. And in the way. Hummm.

Out to the garage, get dolly. Slide E.C.
with round circles under it, to the door.
Lay E.C. on dolly, move dolly, E.C. flops.
Not good. Take strap out and around half
of E.C. Tilt dolly, and up goes E.C., out
the door, clear screen door with new
screen. (King would kill me for putting
holes in that). And clump, clump,
clump, clump down the stairs, out to
the driveway, towards the road...
Got to get FREE sign made.

I went yard saling with daughter,
King and friend come home, E.C.
out in the driveway, and they are
wondering how the heck did that

Moral of the story, don't mess with
the wife.


God's Helper said...

Now that is what I call one independent woman!!!

jb3ll3 said...

I just read that peasant crack over on my blog and as tempted as I am to say something else, let me just say this:

Nice work on the new TV. You da man!