Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wanted: A Good Local Daily Paper

The local paper's online addition,
is the most pathetic paper site I
have seen.

Now granted, I haven't seen a lot.
And not a lot of small town paper
on line sites. But this town isn't
some 300 residents... This is what
would be called a medium size town.

On August 16th, I check with the site.
On there was yesterday's news. Everything
was yesterday's news. The same front page
picture of Commissioner Dye with the boxes.
All of it was in the 15th of August paper!!
(I read it at the local restaurant.)

Yes, the date at the top was today's. But
that is automatic. And it is bad enough,
that when you click on a story that a lot of
them take you to the Mother paper, the
CDA Press. Sad. Which by the way, does
a far better job than the Bee. Maybe they
should send someone down here to show
how it is done at the Mother paper. Which still
not as good as the major paper of the area, the
Spokesman's Review. But then again, Spokane
Washington is bigger and has a branch in CDA.

Sandpoint has a great resource. Surely
there is someone they can hire to bring
their paper on line to par. This is a disgrace.
It must be an embarrassment to the locals,
if a family or friend would like to look into
the local paper from afar.

It probably reassures the former residents,
that they left Sandpoint for a good reason,
when they see this is the best their former
town has to offer.

Like the paper, I keep hoping that it will
improve. There is so much more the paper
and online site could offer, yet it lacks
input, it lacks...well, everything.

The high school paper does a better job.

Recently a church had a picture and a
article on the picture. They mention the
former Pastor, whose new first
name is Save, thanks to the Bee.
We looked and laughed and said..
"that's the Bee, for you".
Their blunders are notorious.

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