Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gas, Gas, my Kingdom for Gas

In today's news, it has about how
they are shutting down the Alaska

Seems it has some spots that
are corroding, and some leaking.
Which makes you wonder..how much
is some.

Now what is the fall out, besides
the rise in gas prices? Already sent
the price of crude up $2 a barrel. Which
trickles down to how much more to us?

Say nothing about the hoarding and the
stealing of gas.

The King once said if things got really
bad, (but he was talking taxes) that we
could sell the house and buy a trailer.
And a truck to pull it.

So today when he was fretting over
the price of gas going up, he again,
mention, selling the house and getting
the trailer... I told him ok, BUT....

Was he going to be pedaling that
bike to pull the trailer... because
where did he think he was going to
find the fuel for that truck???


Dogwalkmusings said...

Now I guess if we're gonna do Tubbs Hill we'll have to wait 'til the snow flies and I send Bacchus with the sled and the keg to get you down here!

God's Helper said...

On KOMO channel 4 news over here, they stated that the Transportation Dept has announced that IF gas prices sore, it is bogus!! Loved that announcement. But who are you going to believe???

Word Tosser said...

bottom line is at the pump.