Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fools and Wheels

I was going to call this,
Fools behinds wheels,
but then a guy on a bike
pulled amazing thing.

And Fools behind wheels
and handlebars, is too long.

Or maybe I could call it,
Fools behind and over

Going into Sandpoint to
get my grandson at night,
there was traffic weaving
back and forth, like it was
California, LA traffic. Some
I wondered how they missed
each other, as they exchanged

Then leaving Sandpoint by
the way of Cedar Street,
heading on to 5th Ave. I was
amazed at what a fool this
bicycle rider was.

He came along the right side
of me. We are all going to
turn left after the change of
the light. And he comes
to the first car in line, and
goes across that car. Which
was not a real big deal, as
the light was still red.

BUT this 20'ish, male, then
defies life and limb. He continues
across the street thru the red
light, crossing all of the traffic
in that intersection. Between
moving cars. And never slowed
down a bit.

As I am leaving glorious
downtown Sandpoint heading
out towards Ponderay, there
is a truck in front of me, but to my
right. This is where the road
starts to have a single lane on
the left. Which I am in.

I can see his face in the mirror.
And his eyes. Looking straight
out his front window. Not once did
the whites of his eyes look in
that mirror as he swung over
in front of me. Good thing I was
watching him.

Then he barrels up the highway of
200, which is 45 miles per hour.
I am doing 45 miles per hour. He,
on the other hand, is leaving me in the

UNTIL, he comes to the construction
area. And see the sign saying BUMP.
Of which as he hits it, it dawns on him,
that they really do mean it. As I see the
brake lights come on, and the things in
back of the truck leap at least a foot.

I only wish I could have see the look on
his face, or see his head hit the roof of
his truck...

Fools and wheels.


God's Helper said...

Some just never learn.. Those are the ones I offer up a quick pray for God to watch over that fool so he doesn't harm anyone.

As for the bicyclist, too bad there wasn't a cop around. He would have gotten a ticket!! But as usual..

amyrebba said...

Why is there never a cop around when you need one.

I watched this little sports car cut me of as he whized around me on the freeway the other night and once in front of me slammed on his brakes. I soon saw why. There was a State police sitting in the medin. He never got pulled over! What's up with that.

You know I use to own a Yellow '95 Trans AM with v8. It could go fast and was very fun to drive, but I usually put it on cruse control. I stood out like a sore thumb and didn't care to get a ticket.

People are itdiots on the road!!! and the cell phones really really need to go!!!!!!!!!!!