Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It Just Taint Right

I must lead a sheltered life..

As I read this morning's paper,
it related that the people who
went to see the OCC motorcycle
show.. not only had to pay the big
bucks for the tickets to get in..but
also had to pay $10 a car, and $5
for a motorcycle to park.

So you bought your ticket for $39
and then add on to that $10 making
a grand total of $49.

Not me.

The producer of the event said
he paid $20 for valet parking
at the local Spokane hotel.

And he quoted a parking fee in
New York was $56!!!.

He was quoted, that the people could
park for free on the street near the
fair grounds. Right! Anyone who has
been around that area knows that is
an impossible thing.

Outrageous to have to pay that kind
of money, when you have to pay to
get into the event, that you are going
to. I know, I know, there are a lot of
you out there who pay it all the time
and think nothing of it.

I guess this country girl is going to
stay in the country where parking is
free. Or if there is a $1 or $2 parking
fee, and the event is free, then I will
see how bad I want to go.

But it just isn't right.


brentandrews said...

Definitely too expensive. I hate to pay to park but I can usually swing five bucks if we're on vacation or something. If it's more than five bucks I'm looking for another place to park.

God's Helper said...

The promoter must have stayed at the Davenport in Spokane. That is what we had to pay when we were ther for a convention last month. I wonder what the split is on the parking?? Even the parking at the Puyallup Fair has gotten higher. Progress?? NOT!!

LucilleNT said...

Oh yes ...always remember to ask if there is free parking at the motel your staying...we were charged $15.00 per day at a big named hotel by LAX. We didn't count on dishing out extra..

Dogwalkmusings said...

I may have just missed it Cis. Anyway, seems to me you find the most expensive parking in Sandpoint. $25 wasn't it? lol

jb3ll3 said...

I parked for free on the street. Under a tree too. Car didn't get hot at all. Life in the new millenium....

amyrebba said...

I hear ya. My hubby would have loved to have seen it, but there was no way I was paying that price for the tickets let alone the parking. We just can't afford it on almost 1.25 incomes and 3 kids. It seems like everything is so expensive these days. Even to remodel my house $2000 still hasn't finishe the front porch and windows. How can I ever get the place done with prices soring???!!!