Friday, August 25, 2006

Grandma of Many Colors

As I looked down at myself today,
I saw blue shorts with white pin stripes.
Purple and beige, with white plaid shirt.
and brown sandals. I am surely becoming
a colorful person.

See, I have a general dress code...
It is like Gilda Ratner... it mainly
depends clothes that don't itch.

If it is comfortable, then that is it.
Color really isn't important to me.
Oh, I try to match when I go some
where with the grandson or the King.
Don't want to embarrass them.

Don't know where I get this.. as I wasn't
raised this way. My mother's ashes must
be bouncing thru the air.

See when I was raised, you couldn't wear
pink with do it all the time now.
Bathing suits and etc.

Also green and blue were a no no. Only
ones who could wear that was Italians,
or was it Portuguese? Some thing about
it being in their home land flag. But surely
mix breed like myself, of English, German
and Swedish could not wear it.

And plains and stripes together?
Heaven forbid... Yep, Mom's ashes
are bouncing.

I guess that is why one of my favorite poems
is .....
Maybe I should find a red baseball cap for

1 comment:

God's Helper said...

I love it!! Yep, comfort is still the best style in the world. I still don't read lables!! Nope, not going to run around wearing someones name on my backside, and pay twice as much for that privileage..