Monday, August 14, 2006

Some weekends are good and some are.....

When does it cost $25 for an hour
of parking at Sandpoint Beach?

When you park between two cars and
leave. And come back to a police
officer putting a ticket on your car.
And telling you, there where no parking
lines. Who was looking at lines? I saw a
space between two vehicles, that makes
a parking space to me.

I said I parked between two other
cars, I thought it was a parking spot.
He said they got tickets too. Like that
makes me feel

Told him ok, well, it is only $10 .....
and he replies back, "no... it is $25.
$10 is for those who over stay their
time in a legal parking spot. All the
rest are $25."

Thankfully the King took it well,
when I told him. He said, "oh, well,
you can't take it with you..".
(meaning the money).

Arts and Crafts show was really nice.
My gal pal and I had a good time, with
the exception of the ticket.

Needless to say, Sunday turn
out a lot better. Cheaper....
and less stress.

Sunday's pictures, are from
the King and I going to Brush
Lake and fishing. 6 wonderful
peaceful hours, most of it to
ourselves, as a few people were
in and out.

Yes, a day of fishing is ALWAYS
good, even if you don't catch fish.
And we caught 7 trout between the
two of us. And 10 pumpkin seed fish,
which turns out to be wormy.. (be
good in the compost pile.)

Yes, life is good in Idaho

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God's Helper said...

Hummmmm. I thought prices were bad over here!! At least you had a good day.