Thursday, August 31, 2006

Five, Four, Three.....

And the count down starts. Yes,
parents, school..only 6 days left to

For you homeschoolers, you probably
already have classes going. And I hope it
is going well.

But for you mothers with multi-children.
Your freedom is near. Get the party hats
out, get ready to pop the champagne. (saw
that in a Reader's Digest book years ago).

Of what little I remember as a kid, the High
School was the worse. Good old Rogers
High School of Newport, R.I. It was built
like a prison. 3 stories high. And you knew
you would never have a class near the last
one. If you were on the first floor, then you
next one was on the 3rd floor in the second

No wonder we had tough legs. Up and
down those stairs. The one elevator never
worked, except for one particular teacher.
Who we suspected was using it for his
drinking breaks.

The building was in a C shape. 3 stories
high and built some where at the turn of
the century. My mother went there. My
Dad did too, but he only went to drop off
the girls, as he worked for his father garage.
And had the latest car, which meant lots of

The first year was the worse. Seniors telling
you where the bathrooms where, but always
sending you to the wrong gender bathroom,
which they removed the name off the door.
If you wanted a certain room, they would
send you to the opposite end. And any
other pranks they could pull.

Ah, yes, School Days.... glad I am not a parent
anymore of a school age child. All those supplies.
Getting the list from the teacher..(now the stores
have them). All those supplies times each child.

All my mother had to worry about was pencils.
Rest the school provided.
Until High School that is. Then we had to buy
our own gym suit. Blue shirt with bloomers
attached. Gosh, awful looking things. And why,
oh, why did they always have the fire drill while I was
in gym. Yes, we paraded out into the sidewalks
for all to see us in those dumb suits. Like mailmen,
thru sleet, snow, rain and the heat of the day.

Such fond memories.... really... life was so
much simpler then. Eisenhower was President.

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LucilleNT said...

I too have those fond memories, especially our bright mustard colored gym clothes...ugly...looked like a skirt but was shorts with elbow length sleeve. YUK! Don't care to go back to those days..I do remember the fire drills and the air raid sirens.
Try to study with all that going on...
Good luck to all our young people.