Friday, August 18, 2006

Sounds like a Plan to Me

I was wondering...we have been
looking for Bin Laden for years.
Why are we wasting our time looking
for him?

You know that if we were to find him,
and kill him, or worse yet... have a trial,
like we are having for a year in Iraq,
they will replace him.

He is like the tip of the ice berg.
Chop him off, and the ice berg
come ups a little higher, making
another peak. Another leader.
There are millions of them.

BUT, if we were to go after all
those who are below, like say,
hummm... maybe his 5th in
command and below. We could
use the old picture cards again.

Just go in and blow up each
little place they have for meetings.
After all, they have to meet some
where. The big honcho's have to
let the peons know what to do and
when. Or if that is a little drastic, then
round them up in prisons.

So you check out these meeting.
Our CIA seem to know who the
one's in command are. So follow
them to the meetings and you got
a group.Then they go to another
meeting, then you take them out,
in any fashion. Keeping the first
group for your spy pigeons. After
all they have to keep going to the
second group. So you catch the
second group each time.

But keep the media out of it. After all
they have TV's too. So mum is the word.

As you get rid of each of these groups,
well there is nothing for the top 4 to
command over. Bin Laden isn't a
martyr because he is still alive, but
he has no one to command over.

What good is a General if you have
no army?

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God's Helper said...

YaHoo!!! Cis for President. Too bad the powers that be don't have the brains God gave you..