Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Point of View, from the View of Each

There is much ado about the pending
possibility of adding a penny to the sales
tax, here in Idaho.

This was a discussion on another
blog. And the views were varied, as
human nature usually is.

One of the views was about how it
was a 20% added on. While 20% is
a big increase in most terms, it doesn't
seem like it, when it is a penny on the dollar

I had mention that it was, for crying on
loud, just a penny. That a penny is easier
on one, than hundreds twice a year with
property tax. For those not from Idaho,
this is a discussion of taking off the
property tax and putting on the sales
tax to help with the school buildings.
As I understand it.

One of the commenter's was that, yes
it was only a penny, but if you buy a car
for $25,000 then it is $250 more on to the
price of the car.

This is where the view comes from each.
See I and quite a few others, can't afford
a $25,000 car.

9 years ago, the King and I decided we would
have to chose between a new vehicle or a house.
We chose a house, knowing we would never be
able to get a new car in the future, both payments
being about the same a month.

I have never ever had a new car, so you can't
miss what you never had. But we wanted to
have something stable. We had spent way too
much for rent over the years.

So from our view, a penny is not a bad thing.
From some one who can afford a new car,
it seems $250 is. I know this is probably a
reverse snobbish, but I figure if you can afford
a $25,000 car, you can afford the extra $250.

In Idaho, the far northern of the panhandle,
meaning Bonner and Boundary counties, I
think it is safe to say that 2/3's of the
employee's are the service type employees
meaning the lower than $20,000 a year income.
Actually I think 10 years ago it would be 90%
of the employees and now it is 88%. My

This being waitress, nurses aides, motel
clerks, store clerks, housekeepers, kitchen
help, gas station attendants, and etc.

So when some one tells me, that because we
all can't afford $25,000 cars, that we should have
gotten better jobs, it ticks me off. Where would
the 10% ...1/3 higher bracket bunch be, without
the fore mention employee's.

Also over the years, there are a lot of people who
could never afford a trade school and surely
couldn't afford college. There are a lot of women who
were thrown to the work force by men who wanted
to move on with their own lives, leaving family behind.

So some of us see a penny, easier to manage
at a penny at a time, and not so easy to add
$$$ to the mortgage payments. Or flat out paying
taxes twice a year. Especially when Idaho has
the sadistic character of sending taxes to be paid
at Christmas time. Oh, yea, forgot... got to keep
the state and religion separate.


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