Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Is it the End?

In all my years of running around
thru this earth, I don't believe I have
heard as much depressing, negative
talking about our country and the world.
And the end of one or both.

It is scary for many reasons. But the
part that scares me the most is, the kids.

I hear the negative in the shows on
television. On the radio, talk shows.
People talk it over dinner, in restaurants.
On blogs, the media, of all kinds.

The Christians seem to think that the
end is near. That Jesus will be coming
soon. That they are waiting to hear
what happens in the Mid-East.

So why do I fear for the children?

Because what do adult do when they
get scared? What has history shown?
From a radio show of Martians landing,
to stock market falling in the 20's......

What have the really far out, some times
simpled minded people done with this
doom talk?

They have committed suicide and killed
their children, to protect them from
what they preceive as the world ending.


1 comment:

God's Helper said...

Why would a believer want to kill themself or their children if they thought the end was coming?? One would only do that out of fear. What is there to fear about the end??

Love ya,