Friday, August 04, 2006

Why are we drawn to movies of true terror?

Tragedy movies .. why do people
go to movies or watch them on TV?
The more pain, terror, tragic they
are, the more people seem to go and

JFK, In Cold Blood, stories of murder,
and how and sometimes why? True

Now we have 9-11 coming out.
Some say it is too soon. Some
say it is important to see.
Some say it never should be.
Some say they should make
it, so we won't forget.

We don't forget.

Ask anyone who was alive when
Pearl Harbor was bombed.

Ask anyone where they were, when
John Kennedy was shot, when Martin Luther
King was shot, and when Robert Kennedy
was shot.

Or even when they found out that
the World Trade Center was blown up.

They can give you a moment to moment
accounting of where they were, who they
were with, and how they found out about it.

Are we the only ones who are this
sadistic? Do other countries make
movies showing blow by blow true
stories, true tragedies. True deaths
or torture?


God's Helper said...

I saw it live, that was enough for me. To this day I can not remember who called me and told me to turn on my TV. When I saw the screen, I went blank. Pay to see it again? Pass...

stebbijo said...

I saw the previews - probably a good movie but I just don't care for tragedy either or horror flicks. Knowing the outcome does not make it suspense of which I do like and even true crime - IF they had spinned it so we could make a CIA conspiracy out of it and Whitecaps was an operative agent then I would be all over it! ;-)

amyrebba said...

It does look like a good movie, but I don't know. That day was hard for me. Fortunately I knew know one there, but what I remember was being six months pregnant with my middle boy, waking up to put on my coffee and turn on the news like I always do in the morning just in time to watch the second plan go through the tower. It was hard to get around that morning and get to work. Then I set at my desk in my viewing room (I was still a photography consultant then) with the TV on the news, not showing any sessions that day. It was then that I wondered what kind of world I was bring this little baby into. I still wonder, and as a result I don't watch the news every mornign any more. I preferr to start my morning on the computer looking into our family history, rather then seeing all the tragedy on the news anymore.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Great post Cis. Whatever happened to movies that are pure entertainment? Hollywood no longer has an imagination and the public are voyeurs at heart. Look at the news coverage of the current wars!