Monday, August 07, 2006

I am Tough, uh, huh, I am

I am tough...yes, I am tough
and I can do this.. Or rather
not do this... I don't want to
turn on the AC.
After 2 weeks of 24 hours a day,
and seeing some of it on our
electric bill....
Well, I am just toughing it out.
I am not hot. What water on my
face? Odor? what odor??
It isn't stuffy in here. Open the
window... oh, it is open.
I am tough.. I will hold out..
Ok, ok.. I will turn it on for
you, my King of the house...
but not for me.
Because I am tough...
Whew, I thought he would
never tell me I had to have it on....

1 comment:

God's Helper said...

Oh dear... Don't tell me that you are getting soft??? But, I guess I shouldn't talk. Mine comes on automatically. LOL... But my husband is the one who ordered the heat pump...