Friday, June 30, 2006


Parade of years ago...
1950' first job Posted by Picasa

The pictures actually
is Memorial Day about
1955....Balloon Sales

Is it me? Or are the holidays
coming faster? I wasn't ready
for Easter. Mother's day was
here before I knew it..and I am
just getting over Father's day.

Now here is the 4th of July. And
it is a weekday. So are we doing
the weekend... or are we actually
going to do it on Tuesday?

I was leaving work Tuesday, and
as I said I would see her next Tuesday,
I stopped and Wait, next
Tuesday is the 4th of I will
see you Wed. this time. Is that ok?
She wished me a happy 4th and said
that is fine.

4th of July is my favorite time. My
favorite holiday. How could I not
see it coming. Well, I knew it
was coming, but not so fast.

4th of July.. Parades....
The bands playing and
marching, the Military
marching and flags waving.
The floats, the kids and
horses, and all there is
to see.

The picnics......
The potato salads,
macaroni salads, fruit
salads, hot dogs,
hamburgers, chips,
watermelon and friends
and family....

The fireworks......
The colors, the noise,
the oooh's and aaaah's.
When I was a kid the
fireworks lasted about
30 to 45 minutes. Not
the quick 15 minutes,
they have now..Sandpoint's
lasted that long the last two
years. I counted it. Especially
when I had to wait 3 hours
at the beach for them to start.

I love the 4th for all the above
reasons, but also for the main
reason why we have it. For our
freedom, justice, and the
American way. God bless all.


What a great holiday.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Not in My Neighborhood?

There is a public hearing on
the 10th of July for a wireless
tower next to our school.

While I am trying to see all
sides, it is hard to understand
why they would want a 8 by 40
footprint/base right next to the

This tower will be 120 feet tall.
98% of our buildings are one
story. So this will stick out like
a sore thumb. They don't even
want to have the school itself
be 2 stories.

In our travels from Spokane to
Ellensburg we saw probably
about 120 of these towers.
Of different shapes. The
triangle, the single pole,
and some shorter ones.

None of these were in a town
near residents. This one will
not only be next to a school,
but across the street from a
church, and many houses.

How will they keep the
children off of it, even if
they put a cage around it.
Will it have guide lines,
as the single poles had
that we saw?

Some how I think we will
be throwing our sword towards
the winds, as these things
seem to pass, if it mentions
the school needs it.

Why they can't put dishes
on top of the school, is beyond
me, if there were a need. And I
am sure if they say it is for the
public to use, then it just might
pass the people. But as a person
on dial up, as much as I would
love faster internet... I don't want it.
I just don't think it will do anything for
the town. We don't need a 120 ft.
tower, in our 3 blocks by 8 block town.

So I will go to the meeting..
and sign up to say my peace.
So even if they do pass it,
I will feel better.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Revisiting the Past

While we were in Ellensburg,
our friends took us for a ride
to the past.

On Saturday afternoon after
the closing of the Cancer Walk,
we all headed to Upper County.
As known by the natives...others
know it as Cle Elum, Roslyn and

We drove thru Cle Elum, looking
at the different business there.
Some have changed and some
have not. Tommy Willette's
Shell Station, Storey's and etc
is the same. Shoemaker's
Manufacturing is bigger. I
remember when it was the
mink rending plant.

We drove on the back street and
looked at my friend's sister's old
place. It is up for sale again. And
we took down the Real Estate
name. (we found out it was for
sale for $200,00, we were shocked).

Then we headed up to Duck Town,
in Roslyn. Only a native or ex-resident
knows where that is. Another friend's
ex house was for sale... (looked that
one up too... $299,900!!, when I told
God's Helper, I think I heard choking
in the email back) And Carek's Meat
is still alive and well. The tradition
is being carried on my John's daughter
Diane. Best pepperoni, and jerky.

Then up to the middle of Roslyn.
That is the pictures you see of
Harper's Hardware, where you got
regular plumbing or Roslyn plumbing.
There is a difference. And the Brick.
And what was Mary's Freezer Shop,
has been renamed Roslyn Cafe, after
the name the building carried in the
show, Northern Exposure. In fact a
lot of the town is in tune with the show.

We were in one shop that had a lot
of the things that were Northern
Exposure theme. The man who
owns it was very nice and informational.
Also he is honest. As my friend had
dropped a magnet she had bought. He
came across the street and found her,
and told her what happen and gave it
to her. Pretty honest if you ask me.
Went into another shop that I believe
it use to be one of the old taverns. It
has old Roslyn things there. Told her
I would gather up some of my old
Roslyn things and send them to
her. The tavern was quite the place.
One of the locals, Skippy, use to
ride his horse inside to get a beer.
She also knew an old friend of mine,
Tad. Who I had lost contact with.

We then headed to Cle Elum's
Safeway store and got supplies
for a picnic and headed out thru
Ronald. Which had not change
much. Maybe a few newer houses.
But the Old Number 3 Tavern is
still alive and well. I think someone
said it had a fire but was rebuilt.
I use to play pool there with my
friend, who now lives in France.

We headed out of town towards
Salmon La Sac. But about 4 miles
short of that, along side of the
road, we found a picnic table so
we stopped. It was a beautiful

My only regret was not looking
up one of my readers. But for the
life of me, I could not remember
his last name. So I am sorry, Ken,
I didn't get to meet you face to face.
Maybe next time.

On yea, where we had our smashing
business in the 1970's... is going
to be houses . Sad...very sad...
but that is progress
Use to be Mary's Freezer Shop Posted by Picasa
Brick Tavern Posted by Picasa
Roslyn plumbing found here Posted by Picasa
picnic by the Cle Elum River Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cancer Walk and the Disease

People with Cancer never
cease to amaze me.
The courage, the brave, the
hope.. it surprises me even
after working in the health
industry for years.
As you know I have gone to
two Cancer walks in the past
two weeks. First one in Sandpoint.
Second one, Ellensburg, Washington.
As the survivors walk the walk, even
with canes, and walkers, they stand
proud. Some the strength they get is
from each other. Some of them are
survivors for years. Some of them
are multiple Cancer series survivors.
I don't know how much money was
collected for Sandpoint, but Ellensburg
got over $600,000. It goes for so many
uses. Research, helping those with Cancer,
buying meds for those who can not afford it.
And so many other spots that are in need.
The Ellensburg one had so many things
going for it. So many tables to buy products,
that the money was turn over to the Cancer
Society. All of it by donation. In other words
they might ask for $1 or 50 cents but you
could pay more. Saturday morning my biggest
was the coffee machine.. great coffee and I
reaped 3 cups. I was able to walk over 8 rounds
(2 miles) for my friend as well as several for myself.
The weirdest thing is how common place
Cancer is. We know of people, and we
just know it is so. Case in point, as
we were walking around, the King and
I ... it dawn on us...both of us... we had
lost a parent to Cancer. We never thought
about it...It was just something that was.
The King's father had died of cancer. My
mother died of Cancer...
When I was working in the nursing home,
I took care of a lot of Cancer patients.
Every single one of them was facing it
bravery. With such courage. Knowing
their days were numbered. And the
thing that gets you....every single one
of them were concern about their love
ones. Concern about us caretakers.
I don't think I will ever get use to it.
Cancer treatment has come such a long
way. Even society's way of thinking has
changed. When my grandmother was
thought to have Cancer, it was considered
nasty and it was contagious. All of which,
is not true... well not nasty in the same
line they were thinking of.
Now people cut their hair off to the point
of being bald without a flinch. Because they
want the Cancer patient to know they don't
stand alone. Even children do it.
And remember..Cancer.... has no
prejudices... it hits, young and old.
No matter what race, healthy or wealthy.
So be sure to get your test ...don't put it
off... it could be your life..

Monday, June 26, 2006

We don't live in the USA?

Just as I suspected. We up here
in Idaho, we aren't part of the USA.

I was reading the paper this morning,
and there it was on page 3. Gas goes
down in the USA.. Well, it said nation
wide survey. It reported a 4.6 cent
drop. Being our prices are going up,
that must mean we don't live in the
nation. We are still hitting the
$2.96 and up mark.

But at least I don't live in the
country next to us called
Washington state. As the
front page told how theirs
is going to go up another
3 cents for state taxes.

So I guess we are lucky to
live in this country called Idaho.
It really gets me about
the prices dropping, but when
I continue to read down the
story.. there was my sister's
state mention, (she does live in
the nation called USA,) as her
town is the lowest of the nation!
$2.61!! Now why is our country
charging 35 cents more?

I would move, but I don't want
to do hurricane's anymore, and
if we think it is hot here, that
is nothing compared to South

Which reminds me our practice
for living in hell, is going well..
Our temps are 96 today, and
being we have gotten use (?)
to this, they are cranking up
the practice tomorrow to 98.

Well, at least my legs aren't
blinding anyone, anymore with
their whiteness.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mt. Stuart, see from Hwy 90 in Kittitas County, Washington State Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 23, 2006

This and That

We are finally (I hope) out of the
rain storm.. of weeks.. (thought we
were practicing for the Ark).. and
now sunshine. But now, we might
be practicing for hell, as they say
we are going from these 50's and
60's of the past few weeks to 80
today and tomorrow... and high
90's for the weekend and Monday
and Tuesday.

Diabetes has been in the news
a lot lately.

As they came out with a study
(which I never have been one to
fully believe any study about any
subject, as they keep changing
the study results) that 62% of the
American public has diabetes of
one or the other form.

They think it is mostly due to
obesity. We, Americans, no matter
what nationality, like it and like
it big. Super size everything we eat.

When I was a child, we were
given one piece of bacon, cut in
half... with one egg and one
piece of toast, cut in half.
Now we eat at least 2 eggs,
2 slices of toast, and 5 to 6 slices
of bacon.

For dinner we had a piece of meat
the size of a large deck of cards,
small potato, tablespoon of gravy,
3 tablespoons of vegetable, and a
green salad.

Now we have a dish that is half
the plate of meat, mash potatoes
that cover a quarter of the plate,
maybe veg. and maybe salad.
With gravy poured all over the meat
and potatoes. Plus a big dessert.

We had a sliver of pie... now you
get a quarter of the pie and ice

And you know what... I don't
remember ever, I mean, ever...
felt like we were still hungry after
we got up from the table. Never.

Yep, we have all made bad choices
in our food, so now we pay the prices.
Some of it is from your family, some
of it is from your food.

Then you have my generation who
was preached to eat everything on
the plate. After all there are starving
children eating out of garbage cans
who would love to have your dinner.

(I offered to give mine up for them....
especially my liver dinner, but Mom's
sense of humor were short on those
days).. and then of course we passed
that on to our kids who are passing
it on to their kids with super sizes...
which the parents are eating with them.

So what is there to do? Show by
example, that you really don't need
super size. You really do need
those vegetables that your parents
told you to eat. Fruits and Veggies.
What champions are made

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Walk the Walk

I am doing a repeat because this
particular walk is coming up this
weekend... So this a reminder,
to help out those that you know too.

Monday, March 27, 2006
The Walk

It has no prejudices...It likes
the young as well as the old..
It doesn't care what race
you are. It will visit anyone.

Over the recent years we been
told that there are more
survivors than not. So the
organization has started a
walking group. For the survivors
as well as those left behind. Some
where that the left behind can talk
and the others will understand.

What am I talking about?
Cancer. Across the country there
will be walks for those left behind
and for those blessed to be survivors.
I have two people in my life that are
the left behind. One lost a daughter,
one lost a mother.They are far, far, far
from the unusual.

Do you have some one you lost?
Are you one of the blessed?
Then I hope you can do the walk in
your area. The two that I speak of,
have theirs in Ellensburg, Washington
this weekend. The weekend of June 23rd.
If you don't have a walk to support,
perhaps you will think of going to the sites
below and help out my friends with a
small donation.
Bertie's Barefoot Bunch (the mother) Click HERE

Shelley's Butterflies (the daughter) Click HERE

For those of you who do....Thank you

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Dedication

On Saturday, June 17th 2006
the town of Kootenai paid respect
to the two great ladies of Kootenai.

The Mayor dedicated the two benches,
in their honor. Telling about the
great service to the town by both women.
After giving thanks to many who have
help with the park, and giving history
about the area in sight. (Jails, firehouses,
stores, and etc.) she finished up and let
the families and friends go to the benches.

The Porath family dashed to the other
side of the park to Phyllis's. You could
see the pride they all took in her honor.

The heart felt one was watching Bud
Lang as he walked over to his beloved,
Ruth's bench and sat down with the Mayor.
Then sat by himself. You could only
imagine what was going on in his mind.

Two great ladies. Ruth, who was Mayor,
and council person for many years.
Phyllis who spent her heart and soul,
for 30 years, as the city clerk.

Both ladies shared the love of their
little town. Kootenai, Idaho.
City Hall of Kootenai, Idaho Posted by Picasa
Park entrance Posted by Picasa
Bench on each side of the park Posted by Picasa
In Memory of City Clerk Phyllis Porath Posted by Picasa
In Memory of Mayor Ruth Lang Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Salvage, Scavenger Hunt, and Us?

I spend a good share of Saturday,
with my galpal, having fun. Why is
it most notorious female friends, have
one of them with a L's for names.
Lucy and Ethel. Laverne and Shirley,
comes in mind.

My galpal, as those who know me, is
the L in our group. And every so often,
we get together, and there is laughter.

She needed some rocks to finish off
her little garden area that she was
building. Being a Native Bonner County
and knows just about every road
in this county, and maybe more... she
knew where to go. And asked if I
would help her.

I had a benches (another blog)
dedication to go to Saturday
morning, so told her to wait for me
and I would go.

Off we went, some where in the
back hills she knew of a rock slide.

We got there and what wonderful
rocks. Luckily, we both are into
rocks, so we were picking out
ones with different colors, and
I found one with some kind of
fossil like markings. They were
like little holes in a row and had
kind of a design in it. There were
ones with dots and some with
stripes. And all kinds of sizes
and shapes. Got a few that
were big enough for stepping
stones for her yard. It was great
fun playing mountain goat, going
up the side of the slide. Not bad,
for an old broad. Great team as
I would find them and toss them
to her. She would catch them,
and place them in the van.

Then we went into town, stopped
by a new restaurant that they have
called Grits (not the one in Sandpoint)
and it was good food and great service.
We had their spinach salad with
chicken. Really tasted great. Will
have to keep that one in mind.

We were enjoying the view, of Hwy.200,
with all the boats on the lake, fishing men
on the shore, and etc. As we came out
of Hope, my galpal, says we are going
to make a detour.

So off on another dirt road, and we came
across a soon to be burn pile of throw
away lumber. We found several huge
round slices of log (from making a
log cabin). Great stepping wood,
(can't call them stepping stone, as
it is not rock). And there was tongue
and groove pieces there. So we grabbed
all the 4' and 6' feet ones we could carry,
up that hill to the van. I told her if nothing
else we would loose weight in this

So there we were, in the van heading
towards home, with rocks and wood
inside the van. And great pieces of
dried wood shapes of small trees.
Even had the roots still on them.
Great trellis for flowers. We had
them bungee corded to the top
of the van.

Great day, great collection.
See two old broads can have fun.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Pamela Faye Houston

Friday night, the King &I, and
my gal friend, went to the
Sandpoint Annual Cancer Walk.

We went for two reasons. One
was to get a survivor shirt for
our neighbor, who is still fighting
for her life. I also got a bracelet
with Survivor on it.

The second reason why we went,
was to see Pamela Faye Houston.
She was singing that night.
She sang the National Anthem
and later in the night she sang
In the Arms of an Angel.

Not only did she do the first
song so well, it was a standing
ovation..but when at 10pm
she sang In the Arms of an
Angel ...there was not a dry
eye in the house. What a voice.
What a life. She told about her
survival story. I knew it to be
true, as I was one of her caretakers.

And after I retired, I went to the
second care center where she
went. I took an orange rose to
her each time I went. And
everything she said about being
at death's door, is true.
So here is a commerial for
her album. That is the cover
you see. I think the Rose Petal
sells them. Or the coffee shop
by the Rose Petal, in Sandpoint.
It is gospel.
It is beautiful.
Now go read the rest of the story.

You need to go to my list of past
blogs to read the rest of the story..
It is listed under April 2005 and
find this listing and title..
4/18… Do you believe in Miracles

Now....... Posted by Picasa
BEFORE Posted by Picasa
AFTER Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 16, 2006

Real Friends

I am doing grandma duty this
weekend, the cancer walk thrown
in there in between... so this should
keep you until Monday evening.

A simple friend, when visiting,
acts like a guest.
A real friend opens your refrigerator
and helps herself (and doesn't feel even
the least bit weird shutting your 'beer
drawer' with her foot!)

A simple friend has never seen you cry.
A real friend has shoulders soggy
from your tears.

A simple friend doesn't know your
parents' first names.
A real friend has their phone numbers
in his address book.

A simple friend brings a bottle of
wine to your party.
A real friend comes early to help you
cook and stays late to help you clean.

A simple friend hates it when you call
after they've gone to bed.
A real friend asks you why you took
so long to call.

A simple friend seeks to talk with you
about your problems.
A real friend seeks to help you with
your problems.

A simple friend wonders about your
romantic history
A real friend could blackmail you
with it.

A simple friend thinks the friendship
is over when you have An argument.
A real friend calls you after you had
a fight.

A simple friend expects! you to always
be there for them.
A real friend expects to always be
there for you!

And Happy Father's Day

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Public Hearings and You

You should know how to act
at government meetings. Meaning
mostly city and county type.
One's that have Public Hearings.
So here are the rules... they
have been borrowed from the city
of Kootenai.

Rules of conduct for Public
1. All comments and questions are
to be directed through the
presiding officer. (mayor or such)
2. All testimony must address the merits
of the application or proposal, based
upon the compliance or lack of
compliance with the comprehensive
plan and applicable ordinances
3.Only those given the floor will be
allowed to speak at a given time.
4. Members of the audience are asked
to be quiet while others are speaking.
5. Cell phones and pagers must be
turned off or in silent mode and are not
to be answered in the hearing room.
6. All speakers must clearly identify
themselves and give their address for
the record.
7. The council reserves the right to
set a time limit for testimony and/or
to prohibit repetitive testimony.

Procedures for the Public Hearing process:

1. Opening of the hearing by the officer
(mayor or such)
2. Determination if proper notice was posted.
3. Declaration of conflict by any members, if
4. Presentation by applicant
5. Staff reports
and this is where you come in
6. Public Testimony in favor of
7. Public Testimony in neither favor
nor opted to
8. Public Testimony opposed to
9. Rebuttal by the applicant
10. closure of the hearing by officer
11. Deliberation and decision.

Now what is important to you, is...
when there is a public hearing on
any application or procedure... and
you have an opinion.... you need to
sign up a sheet that is available at
most meetings.
Again... I say, and they do repeat it
thru the meeting... and ask again,
as they pick up the sign up sheet
to speak... "Has everyone sign up,
who want to speak?
" Sign up if you
have an opinion. Sign up even if you
don't know if you have an opinion yet.
You can always say, when your name is
called, that they answered any questions
you had.
Then after number 11 of the Procedure,
if you did not vocalize your thoughts...don't
be mad, because they voted the other way.

Don't sit there and be angry, and then
get up verbalizing loudly, as you leave
because things didn't go your way.

If you see it posted that there is going to
be a meeting about something.. a Public
Meeting.. then be there. Don't think your
neighbors are going to do it all for you.
You ALL have to be there. Your councilman
can't not do it all by himself. You have
to support him, so he can support you.

Speak calmly, speak respectfully,
speak with how you feel, but keep
it short. The longer you go, the more
tuned out the people become.

Sign up and speak up. Or like the
old saying says... or forever hold
your peace.

Will it change things?? Maybe.
But at least you told them how
you feel.... and if they don't listen?
Then you know what to do next
election time..VOTE..

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Are They Suppose to be Disposable?

What are the two most
bought pieces of machinery
do we go thru the most?
Meaning what piece do
we buy the most of.

Both of them can be small.
Both of them are noisy.
Both of them can cost a
lot and or can be gotten
cheap.. but they still go
to pot and we buy another...

Both can be found at
yard sales... lots of yard
sales.. and it is buyer

For women it is vacuum
For men, it is weed eaters.

What is it? No matter what
the price or the wonderful
ads on how great they are..
they only last a year or two.

Our mother's use to have one
that was past on to us, when
we got married, and she got
a new one..more modern.

I really don't know if our father's
had weed eaters, when we were
young. I think they were called
horses, cows or sheep, if he did.

But you can own several and
not have a decent one in the

NOW, you know what to get
Dad for Father's day. He can
never have enough weedeaters.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Other Side of Parenting

Coming from a parent who
gave you the "do as I say, not
as I do"..
.. and when you ask why,
"because I said so"... and you never ever
question that...I know how easy
it would be to blame one's parents
for one's faults. Adult children trying
to throw the blame on the parents.

I feel when you raise your children
you need to work really hard on
putting down the best foundation
of childhood for them. After that they
are on their own. Who they become
is their choice.

But when I hear that a adult child
blames their lot on their parents, I
got to ask...
Aren't we all accountable for ourselves?

I am not talking about sexual
abused children. I am not talking
about children who were beaten.
Although there are a lot of them, who
changed their world for the better, inspite
of life. They chose to do better.

I am talking about children who
had very strict parents. Those who
had very discipline parents. Or those
who had no rules at all.

I am talking about how you are
the one who makes good or bad
choices. You have 20+ years of
control over your life. And decide
not to make it, what you wanted out
of it. You rather sit in the bad choices
of your parents. And then blame them.
You chose to sit in the mud and cuss the
mud rather than get up and change the
place you are in.

We chose to be the person we are.
We chose to be the type of parent,
we want to be, to our own children.

So your mother had a hard time being
a wasn't the best..
Or your dad had a hard time being
a dad, and wasn't the best...
Maybe they did the best they
knew how..
What is your excuse?

Each of us has to be accountable
to ourselves and not blame others, not
even our parents.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Parenting 101

I came up with the idea of this
blog on Sunday... and fleshed
it out... and debated if I should
do it for the day or wait. I chose
to wait and do the change of
blogging one.
So you can imagine my face
when I open the paper this
morning to see... Parenting
as the subject. Guess great
mind run in the same path.
So here is my take on it. easy answers.

First of all there really isn't a
book on raising your child.
There are a few out there about
raising someone else's child.

But each child is different. So
the author's child may have done
well, with their ideas...but yours
may not. So it it is a hit and miss

So what is there to do? You do
your best. Sound way too simple?
Yes, it does sound simple. And
believe me, from personal experience,
I can tell you it isn't easy or simple.

Heck you can't even use the same
ideas you used on #1 child, on your
second child or third. It is a new slate
each time.

All you can do is get a basis plan
to work from. That comes from
common sense and from your
heart. And believe me, if all goes
well, you are the lucky one.

Be ready for the worse, and hope for
the best. You know right from wrong.
Teach your child that. You know what
is honest and not, teach your child that.

Feed them well, hug them often. Tell
them you love them, even when they
are telling you, that they hate you.
Being a parent is not a popularity
contest. You do your best to
raise this child, and each that follow
with your head as well as your heart.

Your worse years are your child's teen
years. As the old saying goes, you will
never be more stupid while your child is
in their teens, (if they wait that long) and
so smart when they hit their 20's.

One of the best advice I have ever heard
to tell a child... was from the mouth of
my own adult son... Those words are...

"If a deal comes up... and you want to
do it... think.... would I do this if my
father was with me... if the answer is
no.... then don't do it."

The best is for last... you will get
revenge on this child.... they are
called Grandchildren. ..
Good Luck

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Changing Routine....

I have always written my blog
early in the morning...seem that
is when I got the best ideas...
And that had worked quite well.

But of late, I seem to have lost
my ability to juggle the blog, reading
the paper, and some where lost
the walk that I use to do last year,
before I started my daily house work
and yard work routine.

I handled it well, last year, but this
year, I can't for the life of me figure
out what I have done wrong.

So for an experiment, last week
I blogged at night and then post
dated it for the next morning.
Which confused my mind,
which is easy to do..... as I would
say today meaning today. But
I would have to go back and put
yesterday, as it was posted for
the following day. Well, for the
most part it worked out well, EXCEPT,
Mother Nature seemed to have
other ideas.

It rained time after time. So
for this week, I will write my blog
at night. Leave the date alone,
and just do it. Then get up in the
am, read the paper and head
out the door for my daily walks
again. And if some wonderful idea
(which I doubt) hits me..well, I
will use it for that night.
You know I really got to get

Friday, June 09, 2006

Just Who Reads This Anyway?

When one writes a blog,
one wonders if anyone
is reading it. Most of us
have a site meter. Which
helps the moral when no
one comments.

While I have a average of
20 a day who read.. or at
least it is hit 20
case of repeats. But it
can go up and down at
anytime. I have had as
many as 43 one time.
And in the teens a lot.

Site meter gives you a
weekly report as well.
Giving you the total for
the week as well as the
day. Some of my low days
are 12 and that is mostly
weekends. This past week
I am down 40 for the week.
Next week could be up.

The neat thing is, that
the daily report that
you can bring up each
day, tells you where the
location is of the viewer.
98% is USA. But it is
interesting to see where,
what state they are from.
And what is amazing is
when you get an occasional
from another country. And it
is interesting to see where
they came from to get to you.

So who really reads our stuff?
I don't know about others. But
mine is mostly friends. I am
lucky enough to have one friend
in France who reads me pretty
regular. Do my kids? The answer
might surprise you.. it is no, or
at least rarely. Maybe if I
email them about a subject I
think they might find interesting,
they may look in. But for the most
part, no. Guess they have heard
me for so many year, that in their
busy lives it is hard to stop and
see what Mom is saying now.
I hold no grudge. As I don't do
this for my kids, I do it because
it is fun. And it warms my heart
that my friends think it is of value.

Then there is my fellow bloggers,
who check on me from time to time.
As I do on them. I have my dailies,
and my once a weeks. Especially
with the weather warmer and I am
outside more often.

So who really reads us? Good

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Never Mind You Don't Need to Know

We, in Kootenai, get no respect...
The newspaper gives election results
for Sandpoint, Ponderay and Clark Fork.
What about Kootenai?? After all, when
you leave Ponderay, you go thru Kootenai
to get to Clark Fork.

Our sign says we are 441 strong.. which
I am sure is more now with all the new
houses here already. (more is coming).

We are 3 blocks deep and 8 blocks
long. With addition of annexed area
on one end.

So you can imagine my indignant
reaction to the Discover Map,
that is in all the restaurants in the
town of Sandpoint for the tourist
to look at.

I had to look 5 times to find
not only my town, but to see
what they did with it. First of
all, is there is no mention
of Kootenai at all. Then the
area that I know to be Kootenai,
is only 3 buildings. The
nursery that is at the beginning
of the town... The gas station,
(I see the gas pumps in front)
which is 5 blocks apart, and what
I surmise to be, The Sub Shoppe/coffee
house/Second hand store.All lined
up like they are side by side. And
that is it. Not even Coldwater
Creek rated. And yes, that is
in the city of Kootenai. Not can you miss
those huge piles?
And Whiskey Jack and Ponder
Point, high range houses, is
cabins by the lake.. lol...

We are the Rodney Dangerfield,
of the cities of Idaho. We get
no respect. Maybe it is just
as well. We like our walking/
bicycling town. Where mothers
can walk with their children while
they ride their tricycles.

Where is Kootenai, well, after
thinking about this.. and
the way Sandpoint is falling
to the wayside to new and
so called improved Sandpoint,
I don't think I will tell you
where we are

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Post-tax Assessment Notice Shock

Tax Assessment Notice...
that alone will bring terror
to your heart.

You open the envelope ever so
slowly, almost peeking before
you actually look.

You sit down, let out what
is left of the air inside of you.
And this only tells you what
your place is worth, and how
much of an allowance (home
exemption) they are going to
give you.

Our land went up over $40,000
and our building went up over
$20,000. The end results of
the value is twice as much
as we paid 8 years ago.
Actually borrowed as we
don't have that for pocket

Our finally tally says we are
being taxed on $20,000 more
than last year. so even with
the NEW tax break? We still
owe more.

So I sit here trying to figure
out what the end results will
be in August, when they tell
us how much more our taxes
will be.

What bothers me is... if
they are selling houses in
our county...bragging!! about
the prices of "Starting at"
$350,000 and up...why are my
taxes going up? With hundreds
of new homes selling for over,
$200,000 and half of them over
$400,000... why me? Why do
they need my money?

I didn't bring in these extra people,
that we need a bigger police force for.
A bigger fire dept. for...bigger schools.

I was even told that not that many
kids are coming...because ..get this...
a lot of these homes are SUMMER

Excuse me while I just stare at the
screen here... I am still having
post-tax assessment notice shock.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Walk Down Horse Memory Lane

The start of it all...Storm Warning Posted by Picasa

Reading a fellow bloggers
blog on June 5th, sent me down
memory lane.

What you see here are the
show horses of our family.
Mom was a great horsewoman.
She had a lot more patience with
them, more then she had with humans.

She showed horses from an early
age, before she and my father got
together. She showed all thru
my childhood.

My brother and I were dragged as
we called it, to every horse show
with in a 200 miles or so from R.I.

In the beginning it was innocent
enough. Just a nice looking horse,
called Storm Warning. A few shows
here and there. It was during the
war time, so there weren't as many.

Then she got an American Saddle Bred
horse called The Drummer. And Drummer
and she did many shows for many years.
And many ribbons. She dabbled in the
5 gaited horse classes. This was all thru
the 1940's.

But in 1950, she and a friend
went to a horse auction in New York.
Across came a dark grey tall horse.
17 hands. He was a steeplechase
jumper in Ireland. But he had some
damage done on the way over to
American on the ship. It effected
his breathing. So endurance races
were not going to be his suit anymore.
He went pretty cheap. I think she said
he cost her $100. Pretty low for a horse
of his experience. But no one was
really interested in him as he was
damaged as they said.

He was called Holy Smoke. Because
that is what Mom said when she saw him,
just as everyone else had, when they
approached him. My mother would
get up on the chicken coop jump when
she had to get on him by herself.
Otherwise, someone had to boost her on.

There was a 16+ year love affair with
Holy Smoke and Mom. She won
class after class. Year after year.
He did so well, I can remember
having to sleep in the barn before
a few show, with my girlfriend. They
were afraid someone might come
and give Smokey(as we called him)
a shot. Even through the money
was not really big in those day, the
prestige was.

Smokey was a sweetheart, he
could be ridden by a child, he was
so mild. A child could walk under
his tall legs, and never have to
worry about him stomping. He
was a baby. The only flaw that
Smokey had was he could not
eat green grass. Yep, he got
colic in a flash. We spend many
a nights walking him for hours.
Putting on the twist, so we
could get the meds down him.
Which was a dandy trick when
all he had to do is raise his head
and no one could reach him.

Holy Smoke won New England
Champion Jumper for 5 years
straight. He was a proud horse.
And when he entered the ring,
he came alive. Dancing as he got
ready for the jumps. He flew over
them with such ease.

Smokey died at the age of 28,
he was retired to the new farm.
He had a donkey for a pal. And
he seem to keep the young Hackney's
that the folks switched to in their 50's.
all in line, when they act up. He was the
old man of the new farm. They seem to
respect him.

He and Mom's ashes are buried
together on the farm. So for those
who like horses, continue below.
For those who don't...reverse and

Thanks, Marianne for the reminder
of horse memory lane.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Drummer American Saddle Bred Posted by Picasa
5 gaited Highland Chief Posted by Picasa
Practice, practice, practice Posted by Picasa
Southern New England Grand Champion Jumping Class Posted by Picasa
Up and Over....Holy Smoke Posted by Picasa

My Head Hurts

Remember last week I told you
I had downloaded my pictures
to give myself some more room?

And somehow I got it on the disk.
Then deleted just about all of my
pictures .. only to find out the next
day I had a big problem.. I couldn't
open the disk because it kept telling
me it was corrupted or not Window
formatted. Well, the good news is
the computer guru at my daughter's
job was able to download the disk
in a folder to his computer.. then
downloaded it to a new disk that
was Windows formatted.

I still don't know how a Window machine
downloads something to another
format without telling me something,
or that I even have another format
available. Won't even go there.

So here I am back in business.
I put the cd into the computer and
hit download....from cd to computer.
and where do I want to send it...
Well, I want it in My Documents under
My Pictures. I hit My Documents. And
before I can do anything else, like hit
My Pictures, in a flash it is all downloaded
to MY DOCUMENTS...ONLY. Meaning that
I went from 22 documents to 1,000+. See
another thing I don't understand... it sent
it to the computer in triplicate.

I figured this is all fixable. So I spent 3 hours
downloading each picture one by one to
a folder I placed on my screen.. One for each
child... one for friends, scenes, Kings family,
my family, and etc. You get the picture.
Over 1,000 pictures were gone thru... one by
one. And when I was done, I put them in
by dragging each folder to the icon I had
really good idea. See because it is a short
cut, it doesn't register when I go to send things
there. I click out of everything and shut down
the computer. I can't take it anymore.

Saturday, I make a new stab at it. I came up with
this great idea, make a new folder and name it
My Pictures. I go to My Documents and start
to move the pictures one by one to My Picture
folder. I get about 20 done in 15 minutes. Then it
dawns on me.. it is easier to move over 1000
pictures and 22 documents to My Pictures with
highlighting all...with select all. So I did that...
then went in to My Pictures and took out one
at a time, of my documents and placed them
in My Documents.

Now I have all the pictures in My Picture
folder. And I see I have about 40 folders in I don't know how many pictures.
I figured out that if I made new folders
for each child, friend, scenes, our house in and
out, King's family, my family, and etc... I could
clean up and get rid of some of the pictures.
And that is what I did for 3 more hours. That
leaving me with.... 20 some odd new folders.
And 40 some odd old folders.

Is your head hurting from reading all this?
Well, mine was yesterday and it is now as
I write this, the night before I post this.

You know, I think today, I will just move
furniture around. It has to be easier.
And deal with the pictures some other day.
And the cd writer? Doesn't work, Doesn't
like me, says it is corrupted and etc. And
right now I really don't care.

Happy Rainy Day. And
Happy Anniversary King,
it has been and still is
a wonderful ride...

Friday, June 02, 2006


I have a friend, who married and move
to France. We get to visit back
and forth thru the magic of online.

She is taking French lessons so
she can talk to the natives. Besides
when in Rome, do as the Roman's,

What has been an interesting
conversation lately was when
she was telling me the
difference in some of the words
they use and we use... They are
the same words but different
meanings. Case in point, the

In France
a canopy, is a couch
tampon...... a stamp with a pad...
pain..... bread's underwear
a commode is a dresser
a 104 D bra size..(.no
wonder the French men
are so happy.)

No wonder we don't
understand the French.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Plan B as vs Plan A

Lately Plan B has had
a lot of play. So much so,
I wonder, maybe I should
just do Plan A and Plan B
and then just go with
Plan B.

Last week is a good
example. Two of us
Bonner County bloggers
got together with two
Kootenai County bloggers.
Our plan from the end of
winter was to go on
a hike together. We
figured we would do
a new trail up here in
Bonner county.

Plan B was to go to
the museum. Which is
not a bad choice at all.
And because of pending
weather, we chose Plan B
and had a lot of fun together.

Then the King and I were going
to go fishing on Friday. Had every
thing ready for the next morning.
But on Friday, the weather had
other idea's. Rain, lots of it.

So out came Plan B. We
went to Coeur d' Alene to
a few of the stores, we had
some things to look at.
Then came home and went
out to Clark Fork to see some
friends who are snowbirds, and
had just got back a couple weeks

So you see, maybe I should just
go with Plan B. Plan A isn't doing so
well anymore.