Friday, March 27, 2009

The Blame game and Henchmen

As you could read by my post the other day
I am not happy with the AIG bonuses as much
as the next guy.

But I think grandstanders have gone over
board. No, the public does not need the names
of the employees. None of them have done any
thing criminal. We might think it is morally wrong.
But criminal. NO. And 90% or more taxes on the
bonus... oh, please get real. That is asinine.

And then you have the disgusting people who are
threatening the employees. Now that is criminal.
Even threatening their families. This is way over
the limit of sanity. Where do they come off being
the henchmen of society? Who appointed them?
I hope the law looks into these and prosecute them.

And the ones who are shouting the loudest are
just as much the blame. Maybe they should look
in the mirror themselves.

I was watching one of the magazine television shows
the other night. They had 3 women who were in fore
closure mode. I had some feeling for the teacher who
refinanced to keep her kids in college, and didn't read
the fine print. She just skipped over it and not noticed
the variable interest that has ended up putting her out
of her house. Hopefully she can get a redo on the
interest. But she should have read the fine print. We
all should.

The other two, I just can't believe these women. It is
where you want to say, here is your sign, saying FOOL.

One wanted a condo so bad, that she was willing to
sign a paper for a loan, stating she would make $2000
a month payments. She earned only $1500 a month.
They boosted her income, and told her to make the
payment for a year and refinance to a lower interest.
Now how do you make payments on $2000 a month,
with a $1500 income. And what was she going to
pay utilities with, and food. And then she made a foolish
remark. She felt when she went to sign the papers, she
shouldn't do it, but felt it was too late to back out. You
have right up the the last second to change your mind.
Guess math wasn't her best class.

Then there was the entitlement woman, who was kicked
out of a house for not paying her rent, who did her
income tax stating a minus in income profit. And lost
another house. And yet, she got a loan. Knowing full
well, she could not afford the payments. AND SHE

The last two, when it comes to fault better look in the

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Dogwalkmusings said...

How well you illustrated those who had no business buying in the first place and they knew it. I cannot feel sorry for them. They are as greedy as those who made the loans.