Thursday, March 12, 2009

Looking out the window of life...

Looking out the window of life....

As I sit here in the afternoon with the sun shining,
thinking about life, and its wonderment of it all.

There is snow as you can see.. And the icicles
are dripping, and the temps have finally gotten up
to 35, on this sunshine day. Far from the 3 of this

Here in Idaho, we wonder each time in March is
this the last of the snow or will we be still be having
it until Easter in April.

The stores are tempting us with flowers by the door
way asking to be planted. A cruelty to those of us with
out greenhouses. As we know if we buy them, and put
them in the window, they will surely die before the dirt
is ready for them.

So with catalogs to look thru for that flower of the
summer, or special tomato plant you want to try,
or the Backyard magazine with tempting plans for
the yard, we wait for the unknown time when the dirt
is ready. As the heart and hands are surely ready now.


MarmiteToasty said...

All the crocuses and mini daffs are up in my garden and on grass verges around here....... blossoms are slowly but surely appearing on the shrubs and trees....

We are having fickle weather days, one day freezing cold, other days high winds, then mingled with mild days and then we have this morning.... fine misty drizzle Arrrggghhhhhh...


MarmiteToasty said...

ps...... I LOVE sunlight shining through windows....... well except it shows they need cleaning LOL