Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I hate electronics' and I really dislike Radio Shack.

We worked on the antenna over the weekend.
We started out a month or so ago, trying to get our
1970 St. Vincent $5 special to work with the box.
It only goes 30 miles radius. So we invested into
a $68 on that goes 60 miles. And it does a great
job in Hope.

Well, we ran around the yard with that one, a few
weeks ago. I did the blog, All the fun that we can
stand. The more we worked, the worse it got.
All I could get was the 3-4's. you know, 4.1, 4.2
and 4.3. We had it at the front of the house, the
back, up on top and down low... Nothing but the 4's.

Then when they cut the King's days from 4 days to
1 day.. we knew we had to get serious about this.
We could get 4 channels on the old style. 2,4,6,
and Fox. Nothing with the box.

So reading all the stuff on the box and booklet,
we figured we would have to have a more powerful
antenna. So off to Radio Shack, as we had read on
several sites that the Radio Shack 190 should do
it. It is 190 miles. That should hit Spokane and
maybe Moses Lake..lol..

We bought the 190, and headed home. Carefully
following the instructions, and got it together in
about 45 minutes. Up on a pole. Up on the extra
pole section. Whew... and then we tried and tried.
After an hour and half we were worse off than before.
Nothing.. not even the 4's. So the King takes the box
over to Radio Shack. Talks to the guy who tells us that
is one of the early ones that came out. (yes, we got the
card and got the box asap as, they said they would not
honor them if we didn't). Seems this box only does digital
and not analog. So therefore if the channels aren't running
digital at the time, there would be nothing. But we knew
some where running digital, so we should have something.

So the King told him he was going to go home and take
the antenna apart carefully and bring it back as it wasn't
working for us. At which time the guy says, sorry no
refunds, on antenna's... read your receipt. Then the King
came home and gave me the good news.

I had read the receipt as I was signing for it. Have to return
with in 30 days, 15% restock charge maybe... and then
skipped to bottom, words of, has to be put back in box
so it is saleable, and have to have original box and sales
slip. No problem...

Oh, yes, big problem, in the middle just above the,,, put
back in box is... no refunds for sales items, batteries,
software, computer hardware and ANTENNA'S... except
it is in small print, not the large print I just wrote. I told the
guy we only had it an hour and half... this is ridiculous.
Over $100 and hour and half... and no refund. I am ticked.
Well, actually I am more than that, but .....

So to day, we tried to make lemonade out of lemon.
We worked and worked on it. Ran down the wiring, good.
ran down the connections, good. ran down to make sure
everything is turn on, plugged in, and etc. Try again...we
get channel 7.1 and 7.2... no other channel... turn the
antenna, nope... that is when I told the King, let's go
for a drive... I can't stand this anymore. We will wait
for another day.. hopefully sunny... we have 26 more
days of cable to work this out.

HUGE SIGH..........I hate electronics!!


PinkAcorn said...

What a bummer. I've never cared for Radio Shack either. Maybe it's a guy thing?

I'm ready to turn off my cable here in Ca (again)...I'm always paying twice for everything since hubby is up there...it's just too much $$ and I think half the time I have the TV on for company...

Dogwalkmusings said...

Had a bad day did you? Lol!