Monday, March 16, 2009

So you think you are private...

Most of us go thru day to day, and
think our world just surrounds our
immediate area.

We get the privacy notice from all the
companies we deal with..and our
doctors and etc. Opting out at each
corner. Hoping to keep ourselves


Just how much do you think the world
knows about you? Yes, the world, because
with internet, it has opened us up to the world.

If you now wonder... go to type in your name,
but I am warning you,
this is not for the lighthearted... it is
down right scary. And what you don't
see, is for sale there by title.
For sale for as cheap as $35.

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stebbijo said...

Wow -

Another tool that is great is the ISTARS site on and it's free. It really narrows it down as far as civil and criminal history on a person in Idaho. Some of the stuff related to myself was incorrect - so I had to call the courthouse and get them to get it right. At times it can be wrong depending on who inputs what. For instance it had the city clerk in Clark Fork as 18 years old (the one charged with stealing.) I fixed that by calling the prosecuter and the paper. :-)

You just type in a name and there it is - you can also pull attorneys and judges to see what they are doing.