Monday, March 09, 2009


My sister-in-law and I were talking the other day about the
Lottery. We have over the years when ever we have bought
the tickets, which isn't often.... what we would do with the

Pay off the bills first... of course. Maybe a 2 week vacation
to a beautiful beach... but then we always said we would
invest the rest and live off the dividends.

But in our conversation of late... we wonder when we got
to the investing part, where would we put it? Stock market
is out for sure. But where? In the bank? which one? A pot in
the ground in your yard? Your mattress? well, no, but you
sure can understand how those of the 1930's must have felt.


Betty said...

I like to buy lottery tickets now and then, although I hardly ever win. I know what I would do if I ever won the lottery, though, and investing is way down the list.

Dogwalkmusings said...

We'd definitely boost the economy if we won anything substantial!

Bay Views said...

Finally, everything that goes around comes around. Today, the safest way to preserve your assets is under the mattress. When your money is under your butt it gives you a feeling of contentment. It cant lose principle and if the economy keeps on depressing,it will actually gain value. People stopped keeping money at home for many reasons, many years ago. One, is safety. OK, buy a safe. A floor safe that is mounted in concrete. The other primary reason is you lose value due to inflation. We don't have inflation. Pop that over-sized cookie jar out of storage, it's needed again.

Anonymous said...

A couple summers ago, my husband & I purchased a lottery ticket when the prize was alomst 300 million. We sat on the deck, sipping wine and decided what to do with all the money if we had won. We had all our bills paid, the house paid off, college for our child as well as the neices & nephews taken care of, our elderly parents would be cared for, either by paying off their mortgages or accounts for assisted living facilities. We had made large donations to our favorite charities, and set aside money for our "old age" as well. We still had about 50 million leftover. As Betty said, investing was way down our list of things to do with the money. As you can guess, we didn't win, but it was a very relaxing afternoon and early evening.