Thursday, March 19, 2009


We all love them. Those who get them,
anyway. In the past, if you got a bonus,
it was because you did excellent work.

Yet, now days, we got to wonder what
bonus's mean to corporates. After all,
we hear that AIG is giving the promised
bonus to their people. Even thought they
took Billions of OUR money. You and I
as taxpayers money. How can that be?

First of all, like I said at the top, bonus are
a pay for excellent work. How can they feel
like they should be entitled? After all the
company is in the toilet. So shouldn't they
be fired? You and I, as we worked so hard,
wouldn't we be fired if we fail to do our job?
If the company ran into problems because we
didn't do it right?

They said that AIG has to pay because it was in
a contract with these people. But excuse me,
how does that contract hold water now... the
company would and could have been in the toilet.
How do they pay bonus to employees if there were
no company? How do they get money because of
a contract, when the money wasn't profits... it is
a TAXPAYERS/FEDERAL bailout. So all bets off.

And then you have the employees themselves.
Could you step up and cash a bonus check knowing
full well the money came from the taxpayers. Knowing
that you are part of the reason the company is having so
much trouble, because of some choices you made. I
know I couldn't. Heck if they were to return or refuse
the bonus's, say for a year or even two... it better than
no job, like a lot of others.

Ah, you say, well, if they don't get those bonus, they will
go else where... just where would that be, when so many
are losing their jobs? Isn't a job with out bonus better than
no job at all?

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PinkAcorn said...

That is a a real pisser.